Cyber retreat, Dolls, Valentine

End of Day 2…

and I had hoped to have this little doll finished today..
but nah… 
I have to stop sewing now..
before any more mistakes happens …
some wrong cutting could have been involved..;o)
for a wonderful weekend…
Cyber friends and 
to you Virginia that started all this and have 
hosted everything splendid!!
What a wonderful weekend I have had..
dont think I have had this fun in ages…
just sew …sew …and sew…:o)
Have to go to tomorrow…
hope it wont be so cold..and NOT snowing tomorrow!!!
Have fun..and …

19 thoughts on “End of Day 2…”

  1. That is a very lovely dolly! And what a lot of great stuff you accomplished on your Retreat, well done!And I note it is also snowing on your blog, how clever!!! Could have doen with some of that yest here – it got to 40* again…Sigh.XXXX

  2. oh, this doll looks so nice!I would love a sewing weekend for myself!! but first I should find something for my family to do..I have been sewing my dresden plate quilt, I would like to know what do you think of ithave I told you that my daughter Olivia and I are in love with your snowmen ? 🙂

  3. I love your Raggedy, she is so sweet. You accomplished so much since the last time I visited your blog! I'm glad you had fun sewing this weekend and I hope it warms up for you tomorrow and no snow!!!

  4. Looks like your dolly is gonna be so cute. Some time s it's better to walk away when things start going wrong, then come back with fresh eyes. Glad you enjoyed you cyber retreat.

  5. You've made good progress on your doll. Retreats are to have fun and not worry too much. I love your Valentine Angel and hearts stitchery, I need to stitch a couple of those.

  6. Hi Stina. I hope I have fixed the problem???? I meant to say in a previous comment, that I adore your Header – the snowmen with the hearts, they are very cute!!!

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