Valentine 2010

The last pair …

of hearts…:o)
(or use the picture at the sidebar 
that is linked to my site….)
I hope you have had fun stitching them..
I know I have!!! :o)
Thank you all for your wonderful support and nice words…:o)
Sending lots of love to you !! 

This weekend…
I will spend some time with my hearts and hopefully finish them….
so I can show you some progress around here…
On my design wall..
I have my Schnibble for this month…
PINK!!!  Is the colour…  ;o)
Friday tomorrow… and after that weekend!!!!!
Thank you!!! I am soooo tired!!!
Long to sleep in a little…
Sewing here I come..
I hope…as always!!! :o)
Have fun designing…
and I´ll be back with some photos of Schnibble and
other stuff..:o)

24 thoughts on “The last pair …”

  1. Oh I love these last two hearts!! Of course I've loved them all! Thanks so much for these! I have three and four stitched up and will be posting them on my blog later! Now I can start on five and six! :0)

  2. I love your hearts and am stitching them. Thank you for the designs. I am not sure what they will be but I am really thinking as to what I want to use them for.

  3. hi, stinai love your hearts, my mum will come back from her holidays in Chile next weekend, I will ask her and if she can teach me how to embroider them (here goes the guy with flush cheeks, can you believe I have never embroidered before? ),perhaps i will download them…enjoy your weekend!

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