Valentine 2010


Hi there…
Hope you have had fun stitching 
block one and block two…
(You can still find them here… or at the sidebar)
Flowers the last time.. and this time I go for plaids and stripes…
since I love that so much…
(or at the sidebar under the picture 
Valentine 2010…)
I am having so much stitching these ones.. and
I am soooo CURIOUS of how you are going to use them…
I am planning mine… :o)
* Maybe a little quilt….
*Maybe a pillow…
*Maybe for a bag…
* A gift for someone…
* and….????? :o)
I am Curious.. did I tell you that…
Ok.. I did..
 I am !!!! :o)
for real… not kidding at all… :o)
Want to thank you all
so much again for all the nice words
makes me very happy!!!
Hope you will enjoy the plaid and stripy heart…
Have fun..:o)

34 thoughts on “Thursday!!!”

  1. What a very nice thing to do, Stina. I guess I missed something last week about your free heart patterns. I just discovered that you are doing this. I have printed out my four hearts and will be prepping fabric for stitching in just a bit.

  2. I already looked this morning for the hearts ;o) ~ the wait was worth it…the hearts are so…so Stina…so cute!Hmmm…an idea of how to use the stitcheries is slowly forming in my mind…but that has to wait a little longer…there are things that have to be done first.Hugs, Julia

  3. Stina, thank you for the beautiful hearts!I hope to start stitching soon! I just recently came across your blog (via another) and LOVE IT! I do have a question about the cute snowmen on the top of your page (in the header) – is that one of your patterns? Or if not, where did you get it? I would love to make some – I collect snowmen – hubby tells me I have enough – there's never enough LOLThanks again, Stina, I'll be back.Gerda in Alberta,

  4. Hi Stina,I recently started blogging and happened upon your lovely blog. I have taken the time to go back and read all your entries since 2007! You are a great inspiration. I have a lot to learn about blogging that is for sure. I wanted to let you know that I did make block one of your heart designs-but I made it on paper to give to my daughter to make into a journal cover. (More info on my blog). I added the word love from Gail P blocks (hope this was OK to do) because it needed to be a little bit larger. It turned out so pretty. Thanks for your designs and your inspiration! Dawn

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