Christmas, Gifts

Crazy Christmas…

Ok.. be brave..
Christmas got new dimensions this year.. and Santa ..
sigh.. Santa … is never ever going to be the same again…
Dont know if I should laugh or cry…;o)
Mission Santa was set out to my DEAR DAUGHTERS….
and this is what the creative bunch came up with… ;o)
Please look at the header…
Edit … inserted the picture here instead..

( Sorry Girls.. I had to do it…lol..)
Viktor havent laughed so much any Year..
So I guess that was a success ..
but the belief in Santa got its questions!!
Have you recovered…???
Hope so…lol..
I had a lovely time with my family…
Just sorry my Brothers couldn´t attend this year..
It would have been lovely!!
And I got wonderful presents…
From Louise I got a
wonderful little PINK doll quilt…
and a tin heart
When I was at her place this summer..she made two wonderful baby quilts with these fabrics… and I sighed over those … and surprise..
she remembered..and gave a little pink mini quilt… :o)
Thank you Louise!!!!
And from May Britt…
I got a vintage transfer 
and a lovely red pinkish fat quarter
Thankyou May Britt!!
And from my Friend Åsa…
I got a wonderful book with
lots and lots of inspiration….
Have thumbed and thumbed this one …
and finds lots of things I really would like
 to make and decorate with….
And she also gave me a pretty heart and a lovely magnet ..
Thankyou Åsa!!!!
Have one more gift to show and some pictures from New Year…
and then I think I might be up to date in my life…
And yes.. I will also make a little collage of gifts sent…
See you later..
Have fun..
Take care..
And guess what …
Im off work tomorrow..
NICE!!! :o)

8 thoughts on “Crazy Christmas…”

  1. LOL Your daughters made me laugh too. What lovely presents once again. I am having Christmas here with a FQ Santa parcel arriving with the snow and son home early with his school shut.

  2. my boys would kill me if I put pics of them on my blog.. hmmm maybe its worth thinking about??? You received some lovely gifts this year, lovely :O) Lissamelting in Australia

  3. Your Santas are just too funny…and such lovely creative presents, I would look at that beautiful book for hours. If you ever find you don't have room for that georgeous mini quilt, I offer to mind it for you! Ha ha

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