Couldn´t resist….

in trying to make a post from Dads computer…. on a slow modem…
so no pictures in this post..
Just a little sign of life from me…
sitting in the North of Sweden…. with temps outside of
-32 C …..brrrrrrr….
But we have a cozy fire burning… and playing games and just enjoys!!!
Middle brother is coming today with his family… so the quiet days will be over..lol..
Miss you all and long to see what have happened in blogland…
See you soon…
and Happy New Year to you all!!

24 thoughts on “Couldn´t resist….”

  1. hi, stinasounds perfect for eating some yummy thingsI wonder what do you eat in your country for christmas?we have 30º over here; we plan to eat fresh salads, cold meat, fruit salads as a dessertbut can't help spme european style cake with nuts and raisins; after all, our greatgrandpas came from europe and left us the tradition ;)thousand of kisses to share!!vivi

  2. Enjoy the time with your family, Stina. It sounds so cozy inside, even though it's freezing outside. We woke up to -17C this morning so I plan to stay indoors all day. Brrrrr.Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. -32C??? its been 32C here this past week, no minus! LOL -32C??? my fridge doesn't get that cold… its never ever ever ever that cold in Australia! brrrrr! try to stay warm??? take careLissaenjoying a cool summers day in australia

  4. Glad you were able to post Stina, there is nothing like a cozy fire to warm up on a cold winter day, and boy it sounds really cold where you are. Happy New Year Stina!

  5. Happy New Year! we are "enjoying" 40C today…..so a little warmer than where you are…..keep warm and enjoy your family time…..I hope 2010 is a super creative year for you!!

  6. Hi Stina !!It's so nice you couldn't resist blogging, even in a slow PC !!!Hope you had a GREAT Merry Christmas with all your gorgeous family and I wish you and yours the best New Year ever !!! Lots of best wishes from Argentina !!!Ohhh, and just can't imagine how -32°C might feel, do you dare to go outside??Just stay beside the burning fire !!! LOLHugs,Sandy…With an unbearable 30°C and 90% humidity !!!

  7. Hello it sounds heaven wishing you a happy new year and would really like to be there I am a Northern girl myself and love ScandinaviaYour presents have been much enjoyed and admired xx Linda

  8. Happy New Sewing Year to you, too, Stina! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful blog site with us all year long. I'm looking forward to reading many more of your blogs in the coming new year. Wish I was there to enjoy your cold temperatures and cozy fire burning brightly! Cheers!

  9. Hi Stina. Happy New Year. Hope you had a lovely Christmas at your parents. I can't even imagine -32 C. I complain if it drops below 10 C!!! Sounds like good weather to wrap yourself in a cosy, warm quilt and do some stitching by the fire. Look forward to having you back in blogland fulltime!

  10. Happy New Year Stina – it's not freezing here I have just been out in the car and it is 41C – 106F we could melt your snow. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2010.

  11. Hei Stina.Håper du får en koselig nyttårs kveld oppe i nord. Skikkelig kaldt her sør også. Vi hadde nesten – 28 her for noen dager siden. Godt å ha noe å fyre med da. Varm klem fra meg 😉

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