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Where was I ???

Quiltweekend  last weekend
and a challenge with scraps from Marica...
She told us before we went to take small scraps with us..
so okidoki I grabbed my small pieces and
wondered what could be made from them… :o)
How was I to know it was going to be something
I definetly needed!!!!
Marica had prepared small bags with
snaphooks, cute buttons…and a tiny little flower…
And this is what it became…
Thanks for a fantastic idea Marica..
I have used mine all the time since then…
and it is GREAT!!! :o)
Earlier that week I got this in the mail…
…a fantastic pre Christmas gift…
Pink scissorfob…. Christmas Pincushion..
and sweet red buttons… :o)
from Sandy at
in Argentina…
Thankyou so much Sandy…!!
Ok.. after showing my picture of the quilt in the machine the other day.. I have had lots of questions regarding the black “thing” ontop of my quilt!!!
When we went to Norway last month
I visited my Machine Doc…
and he fixed my machine so I could quilt..Thankyou for that..
but then he also had this …
Ok.. I had looked on it before..and asked and you know all that kind of questions..Is it good…does it work??? And so on..
So he said.. take it home and test…:o)
And so I did…finally.. after backproblems..and whatever…
So did I like it???
Definitely not at first…
didn’t get the hang of it…
(need that DVD… that was supposed to come along with it)
Does anyone else have the Fab-U-motion???
TIPS thankyou!!! :o)
But after a while I kind of got along…
and best of all I could sit pretty long times behind the machine
 quilting with no stress on arms and shoulders…
So I shall quilt one more to test..
but I think I like it! :o)
Took my schnibble out for some air today….
and took pictures…l
..and I have hanged my new quilt on its
place in the livingroom/kitchen…
Do you think husband have seen it yet??? ;o)
Hope for another and better week than the last one..
WITHOUT nasty surprises…
To make long story very short..
Make sure friends are friends…
my daughter found out this the hard way!!
HUGS to you all…

29 thoughts on “Where was I ???”

  1. My dearest Stina!!!I don't know what a Schnibble is and I have never heard of a Fab-U-motion, but I will definitley check out the link!!!! I love your blog…it's always so educational!!!Hugs to your DD from me, too! :o)

  2. Oh I love those lanyards for scissors, how fabulous! Your schnibbles quilt looks gorgeous hanging there. I don't have a fabumotion so can't comment on that one. Have a wonderful week xo

  3. Sure do love your posts!I feel for your daughter if she has a broken heart over a friendship.Sure do love that schnibbles. Just love it!Take care!

  4. I am going to check out that Fab-U-motin and see what that's about. If your DH is anything like mine you have to point out any new changes. Love the quilt!

  5. With respect to friends and learning lessons, I guess at one time or another we have all had to learn the hard way. It's so unfortunate but it's all a part of growing up. Give her a hugs from me.I absolutely love your Schnibble quilt. It looks like it was just made for that wall. And your scissor lanyards are wonderful too!

  6. Looks like you've been busy! Those scissor lanyards are so cute! Thanks for the info on the fabu-motion — I've wondered about them — they're available for Viking machines too. I didn't think I'd like them. Oh, and sorry about the nasty little surprise — I hope all is better now!

  7. Oh your schnibbles quilt is just beautiful 🙂 I think the Fab U-motion takes some practice to get used to, but like you say, it helps keep those shoulders more relaxed…Hope things work out for your daughter!

  8. Oh, I love your header picture! You took a picture so beautiful, love outdoor soft light with your beautiful quilt!! French General is my favorite newest fabric line too!!

  9. OMG moment! I adore your Schnibbles quilt!!! This is French General fabric? The scissor lanyards are super, such a good idea. I tried out a Fab-U-Motion once. I thought it was very nice to use for what it does. Hope you get some lessons to help you with it.

  10. Hey Stina! WOW! Lots of wonderful photos to admire in this post. Love your parcel of goodies – lucky you! And your schnibbles quilt looks fabulous! I love the photo you have in your header – looks like one from a craft magazine! :0) Hope there are only GOOD surprises for the reas ot your week! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  11. Hi Stina !I'm so glad you liked your little pre Christmas giftie!Your Schnibble is just STUNNING !!!! And it looks gorgeous on your header !!!! I love the Rouneries line, it's just perfect !Hope you have a fabulous week !Sandy-

  12. Hi Stina, took me a little while to figure out what a schnibble is… I really love yours and it looks gorgeous hanging on the wall in your living room, although I am still not real clear on what it is exactly… a little scrap quilt? a fast quilt? let me know because I think I might need one too…lolthe scissor keeper looks like it would be handy….

  13. The quilt is adorable. If my husband is to notice anything, I have to hit him over the head with it lol. Ps. Saw you on the telly last night. They showed the program from Quiltegården.

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