I´m working like a maniac….

….but I don’t think I will make the deadline…
for my Schnibble!!!
At least half is quilted… and will get up in the morning and quilt some…
 and after that it is tennis all day!!!
So I will be back with news from last weekend…
PROMISE!!!!! :o)
Life has been UP And DOWN!!!!

14 thoughts on “I´m working like a maniac….”

  1. Stina…did you use French General…oh my goodness…it's gorgeous! If you don't finish I will use this picture…I can tell that I love it already!!!

  2. Hey Sweetie!OOOOooooooh, I'm blown away. Your Schnibbles looks already GORGEOUS!!!! Don't stress yourself, you HAVE completed the top. Congrats!My Schnibbles still is in the unquilted state b/c I thought it too boring (b/c of my fabric choices! It's definitely not the pattern…) I have to add some stitchery or appliqué to make it work…will show it anyway (hopefully in time for the parade).Big hugs,your partner in crime

  3. Thank you for leaving a comment on my weblog, Stina. I like the quilt you're working on and what a nice sewing machine! I never saw one like that. I hope you'll have a nice weekend with tennis, are you playing it yourselve or just looking on the telly?Greetings, Cisca

  4. It looks wonderful, even in it's unfinished state, Stina. And in your signature colors…pink!You're almost there. Please remember to show it to us when you've completed it.

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