My week at home…

I spent organizing…
in the sewing room..
I had things all over..
Sorry no BEFORE photos…lol..
It took all week.. since I had to rest all the time.. but
I got it done..
so I can finally have place for the sewing machine and the cutting mats!!!
I love it..
its a comfy space where I can sit and relax and just enjoy
my things..
Some wishes are…
is to have white ceiling… and more walls!!!
Got my blocks from Norway up on the design wall..
and I have almost finished the top this weekend…
Pictures will come… :o)
Just needed to call Louise for help on deciding on the border!!
Funny … 
 debating on to take that one or that one.. isnt funny doing all alone…
and when talking to Louise..
everything comes to place! 
Thanks for your input my friend!!! :o)

Ok.. more pictures from my room..
little things to be inspired from…
at least I think so..
Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend..
some I know have sewed on mysteries..
some just sewed.. some don’t…
some maybe relaxed..
and all of that sounds just fine to me…
Have to try to work tomorrow..
back still not good…
so it will be exciting…
up on the bike tomorrow.. in minus degrees…
See you later…

30 thoughts on “My week at home…”

  1. Oh I love looking at you so very well organized sewing room! You look like you have plenty of space and that is a must! I am sewing in our son's old bedroom but it's pretty organized! I did that a couple of weeks ago!But in truth, we never really have enough room for our goodies now, do we? LOLHave a wonderful week!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your sewing room is so pretty! And Ooooh I love your ceiling. That is just my style! Lots of fun projects going on in your sewing room, I see :o) Hope your back is 100% soon. Take care!

  3. Hello Stina, Your sewing room looks so nice and inviting and a great place to be, on the other hand, mine looks like a bomb went off. I have piles of things in different stages to finish for christmas.I am glad to hear your back is better. Hugs Debbie

  4. Hello, I have been visiting your blog ofr awhile now and never left a comment ( shy). But today I am because I send you best wishes for the recovery of your back and I just love your sewing room! Now I am going to mine to see what I can do to pretty it up. Thank you for the inspiration

  5. You are so welcome! :)I'm so jealous of your room…. even if (no, I don't mean when!) I clean up my mess in my room it will never look as good and inviting as yours. Oh well, we all have our crosses to bear!Have a good week!

  6. Stina, your sewing room is so nice. I have been tryng to do mine for a while now but still haven't finished. How do you decide on where to put everything? I spend a lot of time looking at it and thinking where I will put things. Any tips?

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