Can you put up with another post about my trip….

Hope so…:o)
I do it anyway…
Such sweet memories!!  ;o)
Still have lots of photos from the shop
Do you think I was in real trouble getting here…???
Im just sorry that Norway is an expensive country to shop in…
Otherwise it might have been a lot more shopping..:o)
Think I dived in to the repro fabrics…hmmm
It will be a surprise..
Still haven’t packed up my treasures from Norway…
Today it will happen…
Oh I long..:o)
almost like…
Temptations all over….
Think I show pictures of some nice people
 I met instead…
Take a look at Sølvis box with DMC..
Just like candy!!! :o)
Fun to get a face to some bloggers..
So I caught you on picture Oddbjørg…. :o)
Marianne is going to have a lovely version of
Gails  Laila´s Garden…
nice browns, pink and greens….
My IDOL photos…. :o)
I said to my son when I got home and had posted my pictures
 on the header… of me and Leanne and Gail..
that this was meeting was as if he had met Rafael Nadal!!!
-NAH!!! he said… :o)
-Yes I said…
Still think “Rafa” had been better …he…
More pictures from the shop….
Just lovely!!! :o)
still have some more pictures…
will post later..
and ohhhh….
it seems like it has been on TV in Norway…
So take a look..
and pheew..Im glad I was cut out of the…

17 thoughts on “Can you put up with another post about my trip….”

  1. Oh you might be in for a surprise… this was on the news, and I think it will air on "Norge Rundt" a little later. And that should be a bit longer…. You might just be in there….Love your pictures!Hugs

  2. That was a nice little TV-show.Idid see the back of you though, you were not cut out! Can't wait to see more. I love all of your photos. It's almost like being there again!

  3. Oh, you managed to get me in print! :-))Yes, it was a wonderful weekend, and I enjoyed to meet people with the same interests. At the moment I'm working on the Christmas wallhanging.Have a nice wekend!

  4. I'm not bored hearing about your trip…not one bit!!!I love to see all the pictures and the television news clip as well.It looks like you are all having so much fun. Your photo journey is awesome, Stina. And I love Viktor's comparison to Raffa. You can tell where his first love lies…with a tennis ball and not a sewing machine! Good for him!

  5. Stina what a wonderful trip you had!! I just returned from mine and your pictures are all lovely! I am particularly in love with the picture of the quilt on the bottom of your collage to the left called Quilte Garden. I have to find that one!

  6. I have enjoyed all the pics of your trip! I'm trying hard not to let the little green monster take over…lol! I'm glad you had a fantastic trip and thanks for sharing.

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