Norway here I come!!!!

Almost packed..  a little bits here and there to press down in my bags…
Bus leaves at 8 in the morning…
Stop In Skellefteå…
where Marica picks me up…
travel by car to Louise in Östersund…
and Friday…
Trondheim…here we come !!!
So I ´ll be back on Tuesday…
so see you then!!!
Have fun and here is a little peek of another gift I made!!!

24 thoughts on “Norway here I come!!!!”

  1. Oh, how fun for you! I love the pink block in previous post! and I just love the photo of you in your blog header, that's something I'd like to do if I could ever figure out how to make it the right size, etc. Will be working on that…Have fun!

  2. Going away again! You always seem to be off somewhere or another. I am sure you will have a fun, fun time.Your public transportation must be much more convenient than what we have in out city. I can't imagine going away for a quilting weekend taking my stuff on a bus.

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