Gifts, Giveaways

Giveaway wins and a birthday gift…

Last week…. 
many things happend last week …it seems…*S*
I won two giveaways…
First this pattern from Perkins Dry Goods
….think it will look good in a scrappy light version…
don´t you think??? *S*
And I was lucky to win at 
Soggy Bottom Flats giveaway too…
Nice fabrics…wonderful magazines…fun patterns…
shimmering threads and a sweet template for making yoyo hearts!!!!
Ohhh.. it is so nice to have fun mail!!!! *S*
Thankyou Elaine!!!
And this also happened last week…
My sewing friend Lotta had her birthday!!!!
And this is what I made for her….
She loves to make bags…so…
 I made her a little pincushion handbag… 
with a little cute needlecase to match the pincushion with….
Marica and I did go together to Lotta…
and we missed both Cici and Kristina with just a few minutes…
sorry  girls.. It would have been fun to meet you too!!!
Hope you had a fabulous day Lotta!!! 
Marica and I did get some time 
to start planning and chatting (and a nice cup of tea) about our 
Norway (class with Leanne B and Gail P) trip toghether with Louise!!!!
Which is soon!!!!
We got the material list last week too..
so I better start think and plan what to make!!!


17 thoughts on “Giveaway wins and a birthday gift…”

  1. Cute pincushion and needlecase, Stina. What a wonderful gift for your friend.You're on the giveaway roll again. Great stuff you received! You have the most wonderful luck. Good for you!

  2. the pincushion hand bag is so adorableI have not seen anything like that before!congrats on your blog winsisn't it fun getting surprises in the mail????so exciting your going to take a class with Leanne and Gailcan't wait to see what you make and hear all about the classes.Kathie

  3. O.M.G!! I love your little bag pincushion and needlecase, so darn cute!You lucky girl, wonderful wins!!! Congrats!I'd love to go see those wonderful quilters and designers in Norway, enjoy and take lots of pics for the ones that can't go but would love to!!!!

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