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Wonderful wonderful mail…

Last week I had a package waiting for me…when coming home from work!!!!
(YOU have to excuse me here a bit…I am just a little bit behind in blogging …soooo I will try and catch up here  on my doings… lol….)
Oh how I love surprises!!!!
At least good ones!
And this one was….
Take a look!
 Carrie from 
was the kind soul who knew my longing for lovely wool…
And I say .. WOOW!!!
Lots and lots of wonderful little pieces, cloth for backing and a lovely pattern for gorgeous pincushions…and crushed walnut shells!!!! 
Thankyou so much Carrie!!!!

And as Carrie wrote:
“Enjoy and let your creative juices flow…Make yourself something…. maybe its just  litte bit but I hope it brings you joy!!”
I think it is sooo generous and I sure will have lots and lots of fun!!!
I promise!!!!
I am having fun havent I???
Have more to share..
won a giveaway and made something little for a friend …
and survived this years 
Potatoe Picking!!!

18 thoughts on “Wonderful wonderful mail…”

  1. Good to hear that you got the potatos in. I'm behind with blogging too don't worry. And emails and housework but the less said about housework the better.Ooo wools! I hope you have a lot of fun with them. I can recommend Sue Spargo and Cinnamon Patch.

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