Gifts, Punch Needle

Another short post….

it´s finished…

Don´t think Mom will look at the blog…
it is in the mail for her today…
(Otherwise.. if you do look Mom..
Happy birthday…)

Viktor did make the drawing…
think he did a wonderful job!!!
Thankyou son!!!
…and I had the fun part.. making the Needle punch..
Oh how fun isn´t this…
Thanks again Ginger
(the ones that remember …might remember my very fortunate lucky strike on my birthday in March!!!)

I´m home and off work today..
and today’s agenda is to make a new cover for the kitchen sofa…

So see you after some recycling!!


31 thoughts on “Another short post….”

  1. Hey Stina! Obviously cleverness and creativity runs in your family, cos this gift for your mother from you and Viktor is GORGEOUS!! What clever chooks you both are and how special for your Mum to have something you've made based on Viktor's drawing – I can see lots more original Stina&Viktor designs coming in the future! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. SURE YOUR MOTHER IS VERY,VERY HAPPY FOR THE BIRTHDAY-GIFT. VIKTOR IS A REAL SWEETIE FOR YOU STINA!What kind of yarn do you use for punch needle? Can it be DMC?Saw Louise SS yesterday and she has a white kitchen with a lot of pink quilts – so nice and fresh. I like it very much but my DH doesn´t fit in that colour.

  3. That is precious and I'm sure your mom will love it! How creative.I made a sofa cover once before and I really enjoyed the results! I made some chair slip-covers too. Fun!

  4. What a team you make. I think Viktor should do the designing and you the needle punching. You can start a whole new business!Great job and I'm sure your mom will love it!

  5. I love it Stina! It is so adorable! I have been wanting to do needle punch. I had even bought everything to do it and took it on vacation with me (last year) and never touched it! You are inspiring me!

  6. What a lovely punch needle pic for your Mother's birthday. I hope you managed the sofa cover. I remember when I did an old sofa set it was a fiddly job.

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