Gifts, Punch Needle

Shorter post…

Cant tire you out completly …can I?????

Hope to finish this one today!!!

…My Mom´s birthday day is coming up..
I know we already have celebrated her…
but this one Viktor drew up and I´m punch needleing it…
just like we did for Grandpa!!!

The guys have had their fun this weekend…
I did pass..
I chickend out.. tooo cold for me!!!

Son is sleeping right now.. in my warm bed…
But they had fun.. that is all that matter!!!


13 thoughts on “Shorter post…”

  1. Maybe I'm odd…I'm with your boyz,YoooouHooouuu! the outdoor girl right here. *LOL*Well, My hubby is THE outdoor guy (you figure, right?*S*)and we have tons of camping gear like a professional.*LOL*Seems like your boyz had a great time. :-)Looking forward to see your finished punchneedle project!!

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