Thankyou all who left comments and thoughts about us getting well…
Doctors test of Viktor seemed to be fine….
nothing showed on ECG and blood tests … so we hope everything will soon pass..
So Thanks all for your kind words!!

Last night I was home alone and after a day of cleaning I could sit in my sewingroom and play…
and I have had this huge mountain with scraps…
so I started to cut them into strips and later today into squares…
I know CRAZY!!!
But I can throw away ANY fabric…!!!

…looks pretty organized …dont you think???
Couldnt just cut all night so I prepared this one for attaching the binding….
…and I played with my tiny scraps…
1″ cut and 1/2 ” finished squares…
ohhh.. it was so much fun…
And Im home alone tonight too…
so I better get myself up and sew now…
or cut…
and in 45 minutes a film is on Tv.. so then I will sew the binding on…
See you later!!!


33 thoughts on “Scraps…”

  1. Denne ble jo nydelig. Jeg sparer alle rester fra lukkekanter. Jeg bruker 1,5". Skjærer disse igjen til 1.5".Har en boks som alle disse lappen blir lagt i. Drømmen min er å sy et teppe som er i den siste boken til Lise Bergene. Det tar nok litt tid for det er over 2000 smålapper som er sydd til ninepath. Det er lov å drømme heldigvis.Lappehilsen fra Mona

  2. What a great idea for your scraps, Stina. Funny thing but as I was piecing my siggie squares for the Sig Swap, I was thinking about taking some time to do the same thing. All I need now are a few plastic boxes to store them in after I cut them up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Stina,I am catching up on you!!! Gee, I am so glad everything is ok with viktor, and I hope he feels well soon. Love your scraps, enjoy sewing on them, I have the perfect angles tool from Kari, I love it!!!How sweet to get the pillow pattern from her, love that one, can't wait to see how yours!!Take care and enjoy your sewing time. Carrie

  4. Lovely to hear all is going well again…Glad to see you have been playing..your scraps are looking Great…hope you Enjoyed your Quiet time..cheers

  5. You are so organized! Can't wait to see what you will make with your scraps. not much scrapping going on here, being a Grandmother takes time…but it is sooo fun!

  6. I think in your case, Stina, there is no such thing as a scrap ~ you get it down to a THREAD! That tiny quilt you made is a challenge. You did good! 🙂

  7. I hope that Viktor is feeling better real fast. No fun feeling icky. Love your little pile of scraps – reminds me of candy. Why does everything remind me of food, lol.Enjoy your evening home alone Hugs – karen

  8. Yes….I too keep EVERYTHING…I can't throw those tiny pieces awayeither….yours look so pretty allorganized….I enjoy quiet timealone too!!

  9. hi, you!my pc have been a little sttuborn, and i couldn't come for some dayshappy that viktor is getting well!lovely fabrics you bought, lovely scraps, lovely trip with your mum, and the kids!!big kiss

  10. Så bra at gutten din ikke er alvorlig syk. Det er tungt for et mammahjerte når barna ikke har det godt. PS: Har en award til deg på bloggen min 🙂

  11. Stina, you are so sweet, what pretty scraps you have! Your block of tiny squares and rectangles looks great. Are you going to make a little quilt? I love the pretty flowers you put on the top of your blog, and PS sewing always makes one feel better! Take care and have fun.

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