Louise, Quilts


and a picture of the Ironbed we found last year…
and almost diidn´t get in the car…

Louise have planted flowers under it…
And dont you just love this!!!!

…At least I do… :o)
In a couple of years it will be amazing…

Dont we all save them..
Ok .. I know some dont..
but I cant throw my tiny scraps away..
And Louise sure can´t either…
This is what she does with them…

…plaid ones….
made into blocks…
she will soon have enought blocks for a whole quilt…
I know I long to see it!!!
…strips and odd piecs sewn together …
and she have LOTS of these ones too!!!! :o)

I promised you some pictures of quilts Louise have made recently…
so enjoy!!!!

The first one is the pink fourpatch quilt..quilted and just binding to sew on…

It is so gorgeous!!!

Next one is from a Cheri Saffiote Payne pattern…

“Embrace the Day”
I love how she uses her brights …

Next one is made from a pattern…

“Mosaic flowers “
or I think its called “Tesselations”…
Done in lovely ME fabrics…

Next one is a pattern made by Bonnie Hunter…

“Pineapple Blossom”

Can you tell Louise loves brights…:o)

But I think this one is my favourite of them all..
her quilt made of shirts …

Isn´t it just fantastic!!!!
This makes me want to go home and drag out some shirts and get a go!!!

Tomorrow Im on my way home…
9 hours on the bus back North..
Have my stitching prepared…:o)

So when I come home on Monday..
I will wait for my Mum to come…
She have had instructions to come to me..
nothing more… Lol
( this is almost killing her..lol)
And on Tuesday morning I will take her on
“A Surprise Road Trip”
to celebrate her birthday…

I have had wonderful days here.. but way to short and
heaps of fun!!!

So Im taking some time out.. and will be back after my Road Trip….
(If I dont get a little time to post something…lol..)

See you!!


39 thoughts on “Quilts…”

  1. Going through your blog, I see that I have been away from blog land way too long. Lovely posts, Stina! Love your sewing room, where you can be creative. And Louise's quilts are gorgeous. And… so are yours!!!Have a lovely time with your mother. She will definitely enjoy her Suprise Trip!

  2. I love the iron bed, such a clever idea. Oh my what gorgeous quilts, my favorite is the pink 4 patch, but they are all wonderful. Have a great time with you mum.

  3. I love all of the quilts they are all so pretty. I am making a pineapple scrap quilt with my scraps but I have not worked on it in awhile, it is using all kinds of tiny pieces that I have left over in boxes. The bed is a cute idea.Karenhttp://karensquilting.com/blog/

  4. The iron bed of flowers is a terrific garden addition and I love it. And I especially love the pink 4-patch quilt, it is something I could see myself making too. Enjoy the time with your mom. 🙂

  5. I love Louise's quilts and yes, she does like bright colors! My favorite is the one made from shirts as well, Stina.Have a safe trip home and a safe trip with your Mom as well. Make sure to take lots of photos!

  6. A patch of sod filled with flowers is referred to as a 'flower bed'. So the iron bed has officially become a 'flower bed'. LOL It's delightful. Oh my Louise's quilts are beautiful – I love all of them. Very very talented friend, Stina. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Men så mycket fint man får se på en gång !!!Man bara njuter.Ni är för duktiga du och Louise.ha det så gott !Kramar till er båda.Åsa

  8. Thanks for sharing the photos of the quilts which are all lovely. I love the one made out of shirts! I think the iron bed looks great as a piece of garden art.

  9. Those are so lovely Stina. Now I am back too, I found the things I missed the most apart from Hubby and son were my new bed, lady grey tea, and a rose scented bath. I hope you have a good journey back.Love the bed by the way. On the farm we found an old bed head as part of the sheep pens so I turned it into a frame for sweet peas to grow up.

  10. what a lovely way to use the old bed, picture perfect…I am a scrap horder…. can't bear to part with fabric no matter how small, just never seem to use them though this has given me some ideas thank you. Love Louises' quilts especially the pink one.

  11. Oh WOW, Stina. Louse creates such beautiful quilts. I think Mosaic Flowers and the pink four patch are my favourites. The shirt quilt is very cool too. Hope you had fun with your Mum.Christine

  12. Great little quilt show! Love that last one in pretty plaids! And the Cheri S. quilt made me laugh! Doesn't it just look adorable in bright pink!

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