Birthday, Family


Finally summer have come to Sweden!!!!
And today our “little” sunshine turnes 10…
how could that have happened…
it was just a few years since he was celebrating
midsummer with this wreath of flowers on…
Time flies…

Yesterday was a partyday with friends…
10 boys and one girl…
and it was wonderful weather… and we could set table outside
and have all the games outside..
It was so much fun!!!
Viktor have great friends…
Thanks for making his day special!!!

But for today..
Viktor… Happy Birthday …

Hope you all are having a wonderful time out there..

hope to be back with some sewing related stuf soon…
Summer just got in the way…and I love it..cant be inside
Take care…
See you soon…

EDIT!! the way Viktor says thankyou for all the wishes…
and are going to make a list from all the countries
that the wishes comes from…
(You know …he loves to make a list..LOL…)


38 thoughts on “Viktor….”

  1. It looks like he had a wonderful birthday. His mid-Summer garland was so beautiful on his toddler head. Being a March baby, I always wanted but didn't get a warm summery outdoor party. It looks like your son had a wonderful special day. Well done Stins.

  2. Happy birthday Viktor! Now why didn't you invite me? *grin*Looks like the kids had a lot of fun…Mom too, right?Enjoy the time outside, Stina. Your sewing will always be there waiting for you. The new photo that you have in your header is so appropriate…'Take time to smell the roses!'

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIKTOR,I can see you had a great party. Many happy returns from Cocoa Beach, Florida home of the space shuttle activities. Hugs, Marie

  4. Happy Birthday, Viktor;) Ten is a very important age (double digits from now on) So…was the one girl that came to your party just one of the guys or is she a special friend???;) Enjoy YOUR day;)

  5. Sorry I missed this!A belated Happy Birthday to Viktor!I don't know if you remember, but it's my son's birthday too! And he turned 20! It's hard to believe!Enjoy this wonderful summer-weather!

  6. Happy Birthday Viktor. I heard from your mother that you like the Detroit Redwings hockey team, maybe next year we will get the Stanley Cup back. I hope you enjoy your summer.Sorry this is late; I've been away for a time.

  7. Stina, I'm late, but I had to say "Happy Birthday Viktor" …and I gotta tell you how beautiful he is!!Now of course he doesn't want to hear that Mum…only Happy Birthday! *grin*hugs Robyn xx

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