Midsummers Eve…

…in Sweden…
and we are off to celebrate with Lars family
at his sisters cabin by the River of Piteå!!!

Just sorry the weather is a bit cold..
but at least it isn´t raining … yet..

So have a good weekend everybody and see you soon!!!
Glad Midsommar !!
Happy Midsummer to everyone!!!


26 thoughts on “Midsummers Eve…”

  1. hi!enjoy your weekend, as much as possiblehere we are reaching winter next sunday, but in my country winter is not sooooo cold, though it's humid a lotand we are celebrating father's day the same day!xoxo vivi

  2. Gladmidsommar på dig med Stina! Hoppas att ni hade det trevlig i går på själva midsommarafton? Här tog vi det bara lugnt och åt gott..Kallt och grått väder är inget kul midsommarväder :(Kram

  3. What will be your first project from When the Cold Wind Blows? Your flower pictures are so nice!!! And I'm glad you finally got the book you won. That was so much fun!

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