Blue Mystery…

…. is soon going to be revealed….

You all remember the blue paint..
no I have not transformed to a Smurf… or joined the
Blue Man Group…
What on Earth did I do????
…and it become this….
…and this….
…and this…
…for a…
Friendship Swap
With Lyn at Bluebird Quilts
…it only took 6 days to Australia…
think it is a record….
But Im happy for that..so that not Lyn would have to wait for my package any more!!
I received my package at Christmas… (naughty you Lyn)

I had so much fun making this…
I know she liked blue…I like pink…so I had to mix these colours…
add some vintage… and a Bluebird!!!
Glad you liked everything Lyn!!!


25 thoughts on “Blue Mystery…”

  1. What a lucky lady Lyn is. I love how you included things that both of you like…blue/pink…I really love the doll and quilt…very sweet…everything is beautiful;)

  2. What wonderful gifts Stina, they are all so nice, the small quilt is my favorite! Well and the needle case pincushion and doll. Great work!

  3. You sure had fun with this one and it all turned out fabulously! Lyn is probably completely overwhelmed with your lovely gifts. Very very nicely done, Stina.

  4. Oh my goodness what a fabulous exchange package you put together for Lyn!I'm in love with that little needlecase and the bluebird pinkeep make do is fabulous as are the dolly and her quilt.Who would have thought blue paint could turn into something so wonderful?

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