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I have sewed….

Arrived Friday afternoon at Marica by bus…
with a lot of packing…this time…pheewww!!!!

So much fun to runaway from home…
just for some days…

We sat up the machines at her lovely room…
and started to sew and stitch…
worked till sunset… around 11 pm!!
Marica decided to work on her Tilda dolls…

Saturday came… and Cici joined us… she had light packing…
Stitcheries…smart girl!!!!
Marica worked on the dolls…
And I started to work on a secret project…

… after some applique.. I changed project…
The Garden Club Quilt…
I joined some very talented ladies
( Karen, Libby, Colleen, Kim, Beth, Yvonne and Jane) to make this quilt…
Have had the book since 2002.. fell completly for the gorgeous quilt…but
for some reason never made the quilt..
(does someone recognize themselves here… )
But now the quilt might be done..with a little help from friends!!!!
Thankyou ladies!!!
Ok…here is my first block…

Its kind of me.. dont you think!!!!?
Hope to be working on this one on and push me If I put it aside!!
Have a flag to work on this week…
and continue on my secret for … Linda

And we had SUMMER HEAT in the North of Sweden…
29 C in May…
Amazing…and I loved it…

Thankyou Marica

for the wonderful weekend
I think I need to do this more often!!!!
So when will next time be????


33 thoughts on “I have sewed….”

  1. Sounds like you had a fun time away, love your secret project peek. Oh my, I have that book, it looks so much nicer in the softer colours. Maybe I need to pull it out and re-think the quilt.

  2. Nice flower basket! Looks like you girls had fun…. Good for you!Looking forward to more blocks from that book! Maybe you inspire me to start too… how unusual would that be? 🙂

  3. Wonderful quilters retreat, sounds like a lot of fun! I like what you did with your Garden Club block. Will be fun to see how we each interpret this design and make it our own.

  4. I too have same Country Threads pattern but no time to jump in with all at moment. I’ll just check on everybody else. 🙂 Can I ask? How do you post your pictures like that and with pretty font? Is there a specific program?

  5. How wonderful to 'runaway' for a few days to join friends and stitch the day (and night *s*) away.I love your GC block – the fabrics you've chosen are perfect and so very Stina. Great job!

  6. What a wonderful weekend you have had. Both sun and good friends. And you done some progress too :)Your secret projects looks so nice, makes me curious (as usual)And that garden quilt??? Think I missed that pattern/book, but it looks wonderful!!!

  7. Ooo wonderful weather and a wonderful time. I am so glad you made a start on the quilt that has been waiting for so long. There is more of a chance that it will be finished now you have started it.

  8. Sounds like you had a great sewing day with your dear friends.I love your garden club block, as I always said “It’s very Stina color”. I admire you. :-)and can’t wait for you to reveal secret project!!!!

  9. So much fun getting together with ladies that like the same things. I have that book, and yes it was one I fell in love with and has been put a side. Need to locate it… Your secret projects are always fun to watch.Keep Stitchen'Bonnie

  10. I am going to enjoy watching your Garden Club Quilt grow. Your first block is adorable and yes, very you. Love the look of your secret project too.Christine

  11. Looks like you had a very productive weekend, Stina. I just love your Garden Club block and yes, it's definitely you!29C! Wow! Enjoy the warm temperatures while you can.Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.

  12. Sounds like you & Marica had just the best Runaway Weekend ever Stina !!! Bit hard to get my head around that 11pm Sunset though… Lol

  13. Isn't a time spent away stitching with friends just the best. I always come away from those get togethers refreshed, I only wish there could be more. Your projects are beautiful. I'm not familiar with the garden quilt – I think I'm missing something and need to check it out, lol. Glad you had a wonderful time.Hugs – Karen

  14. I'm one of those who can't believe it is still light at 11pm!That must make it hard to go to sleep! Do you have more energy when it's light for longer? Lovely blocks!

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