Pay it Forward


and having a sore throat… and not feeling at all to well…
taking a break from everything…
Hope to get back soon with some more energy…

Had a little curious visitor the other day…
dont know if it is a he or a she… but cute and not at all afraid…
searched for birdseed beside our birdhouse…

And spring has come a long way now… its getting greener and greener
every day… Finding more and more flowers during my walks…
…but in my sewingroom it is no activity at all…ok almost none…
the sewing mojo is gone….
dont know where I dropped it???
Hope to find it soon..
Crochet …for a PIF lady…

Ok.. back to the bed..just wanted to say

See you soon…


50 thoughts on “Coughing….”

  1. I hope you get well soon Stina; get plenty of rest. I am settling in to watch the Redwings and Chicago Blackhawks right now. What a cute hedgehog you had visiting.

  2. AJ,aj våren är farlig.Man ska inte sitta ute (och brodera) och tro att det är varmt och skönt fastän solen skiner. Svettas in våren, annars kan det komma surt efter.Jag har inte klätt av mig men ändå blivit snuvig. Sköt om dig Stina.Jag var idag på Jamtlis vårmarknad och lyssnade på Hannu Sarenström och det var inspirerande men tyvärr är nog inte orken riktigt OK för allför mycket trädgårdsförändring.Men kul är han att lyssna på. Köpte lite växter i alla fall för man blir så tagen av allt härligt som är till salu.Kvällssolen är härlig och hoppas att morgondagen blir fin så jag kan sätta mina inköp i morgon. Kram från Louise D

  3. Stina, I am sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Hopefully, you are up and running soon. Is that a little hedgehog?? Really cute. I don’t think we have them here in our part of the country. Although, I could be wrong. The crochet flower is very pretty. Can’t wait ot see the rest.

  4. Take care Stina and get better soon.Maybe you need some ‘you’ time?Oh what an adorable hedgehog…so ‘touchable’ and cute!!!Feel well soon,hugsRobyn xx

  5. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Looking forward to see what it is that you’re crocheting;)

  6. Tons of oramge juice and take your vitamens— so sorry you feel bad. My sewing mojo is on pause as also — maybe it’s our latitude on the earth :). Hang in there- Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I know you dont feel good but take time to rest your self so you are fine when our sewing weekend is here, about 2 weeks 🙂 and then I hope your mojo is back…lots of hugs from Marica

  8. Get well soon Stina. Honey and lemon juice in warm water might help. Thanks for the tip with the weighted pincushion/sew tidy. I made it last night.

  9. Lovely photos, Stina: you may have lost your sewing mojo for a little while but you still have a loving eye for what is around you. Hope you feel better soon; rest and look after yourself (and make sure everyone in the family looks after you too!)Best wishesJan

  10. Hopefully with resting and home remedies you’ll be feeling all better soon. That mojo will return; mine did and I really really thought it was gone for good. Hugs…

  11. Hope your feeling better and back up and quilting again soon. What a sweet little visitor. What is (he/she)? We don’t have those in Australia but it does look a little like an echidna.Nicky

  12. Sorry you are not feeling well. Hopefully when you do you will be ready to quilt.When you feel better I was just wondering if you could tell me what kind of flowers those are in your header?They sort of remind me of some wildflowers I have in my woods called Mayflowers.Also, is that a porcupine you took a picture of? You have some great photos.

  13. hi stina! i’m not sure but think it’s the first time i leave a comment, but i have been visiting your blog for a long time; by the way, vivi from argentina hererest always help! but for sure you must miss your sewing/embroidering..get well soon!i wanted to ask where did you get this amazing background for your blog? i want to change mine, but haven’t found one that pleases me yet :(big big kisses, from the south of the planet! vivi

  14. ps: you’re more than welcome whenever you want to visit my blog, and of course leave a comment!i love your quilt background it’s so romantic!

  15. Oh, Stina, I hope you'll be feeling better soon.Take a good rest & Sleep, We'll waiting for your return to the blogland. :-)P.S. Love your crochet flowre!!!

  16. Åh, så synd att du inte mår bra, hoppas att det snart känns bättre.Igelkottarna har vaknat till även här hos oss, det är så mysigt.Jag har varit ledig några dar nu och det behövde jag. Såååå skönt att hinna lite i trädgården.Kramisar till dig.Åsa

  17. Hi Stina. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. Hope your sewing mojo returns soon. Maybe it has run off somewhere with mine! With my internet woes and a very busy work schedule I seem to have misplaced mine too. Hope it turns up next week when I start school holidays. ChristinePS Your little visitor is a sweetie.

  18. Hej Stina,hope you’re well soon!I’ve seen your lovely PIF gift on Sherri’s blog ~ wow! You did an awesome job…I wish I were your PIF gift recipient ;o)Hugs, Julia

  19. Hi Stina! Get well soon! No worries…the quilting bug will bite again soon! In the meantime, it’s always wonderful to work with yarn!!! Take care! Mary Ann

  20. Hi Stina, hope your feeling better, nothing worse than when you lose your mojo, thankfully I found mine I think it was at the bottom of my ufo list….LOLis that a hedgehog, they are very cute he looks soft to touch but he probably isn’t, love your Spring photo’s…..

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