It happened again…

I won again….
How happy can a girl be…
This time I won a giveaway at Jane´s blog Sew Create it
This lady have some amazing photos on her blog… just love them…
and today she have set up an Etsy.. so go and check it out!!!
This was such a wonderful package…
there was a lovely Mug Cozy… a gorgeous fabric covered Notebook
lovely Fabrics and Chocolates…to eat and to drink…
Guess if I am going to have some nice teatimes or chocolate times …
Thankyou so much Jane!!!!

Hope this week will bring a lot of sewing time…
need that….
Outside it is rake leaves on the yard…and tidy the flowerbeds…
and finally a haircut on Thursday!!!
Think I have been cutting my hair one to many times all by myself..
so it is much needed!!!
Have a wonderful week…


33 thoughts on “It happened again…”

  1. Wow you are one lucky girl! Beautiful gifts. I love the mug cozy. I will have to make one. I don’t even want to think of what my hair would look like if I cut it. You are very brave!!!

  2. Congratulations . . . . once again. What fun to win lovely prizes. Maybe you shouldn’t cut your hair – it might have your good luck in it *s*

  3. You need to buy a lottery ticket all that good luck. I likes Jane’s blog her photos are fantastic. I also love the hexagon bag pattern you also won I have made that bag a few years ago and really loved it.

  4. You are a lucky lady Stina, I hope you have lots of sewing time this week,if it rains you won’t have to tidy your gardens and you can sew even more!

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