Almost embarrassed…

..but I won another giveaway…
last week… this time at Sue Daley Designs
today it arrived…
Its a very pretty book…many lovely pink projects…
and a gorgeous hexagon bag pattern…

Thankyou Sue!!!

Ok.. promised you a little peek of what I have …

been up to in my sewingroom..
sorry cant show more than this…
So I wish you all a very lovely weekend with this picture to
consider… lol..
No sewing for me this weekend..will go to my parents…
DH will help my Dad with the firewood..
So see you all on Monday…


32 thoughts on “Almost embarrassed…”

  1. You’ve been very lucky Stina. If they have lottery tickets in Sweden, I think you should buy one because you’d probably win! Wouldn’t that be great!Can’t wait to see the rest of what you’re making. It looks wonderful from what little peek you gave us.

  2. I saw your name on Sue’s blog as the winner. If you too embarrassed you can always send it to me, I won’t be embarrassed…lol..

  3. Stina,Your blog is so darn cute! Is that one of your quilts on the sidebar, I could become a pink girl even though Red is my favorite. Congrats on your win, don’t be “almost embarrased” we are all happy for you!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Congrats Stina. enjoy your winnings and this streak of good luck. There is pretty pink in your latest project; can’t wait to see more.

  5. Hey Stina! Wow! You must be standing in the right spot and holding your mouth just right to be such a lucky winner! Don’t be embarrassed – just enjoy! Besides, you are such a generous stitcher that is really just karma that good things come back to you! Love the blue stripe/floral fabric in your sneaky peek … what can it be and who is the lucky recipient?!?! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  6. Stina, you are just lucky, someone has to win. I think you need to buy a lotto ticket. LOLCute little peek and I just read about all the goodies Linda sent you. Wasn’t that thoughtful of her, she knew just what to send.Have a fun visit…Keep Stitchen’Bonnie

  7. Hi Stina,I totally agree with Kris ~ you certainly deserve it & I'm happy with you that you're such a lucky girl!And of course I'm also already curious what you're secretly stitching ;o)Have a great week,Julia

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