Birthday, Gifts

Oh..look at this!!!!

Have received a late birthday gift…
and what a gift …
I´m so happy to have friends like this… all the work and love she put into this one.. oh it means so much to me….
Louise…THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart…
It is sooo beautiful… flowers and a lot of pink…
and Louise even used a softer palette for me..than she normally uses…
Im sooo Happy!!!
And for Louise and Britt-Ìnger…
Im ENVY of you girls…
Do you know where they are…
Browsing quiltshops in the USA!!!
Oh .. I wish you heaps of FUN!!!

Today Im trying to pack for a weekend with my quilting friends.. I decided ..that no sewingmachine will come along this time…just some stitcheries…
See you after the weekend!!!


27 thoughts on “Oh..look at this!!!!”

  1. You certainly get the nicest handmade gifts!I wish I were going along on your quilting weekend. But then I wouldn’t know what any of you were saying. Do they all speak English! I think the language of quilts would keep me going, though.

  2. I love receiving late gifts because it just prolongs the festivities. What a beautiful stitched pillow in such pretty Spring colors.Have a super weekend with your friends and I hope you get lots of stitching done.

  3. Hey Stina…nice new photo!!!Thank you for the birthday greetings…and when was your birthday…I must have missed that one…Hope you had a great weekend with your quilting friends ♥x

  4. Hi Stina, What a beautiful and thoughtful gift, and Happy belated Birthday to you ***you look very cute in your blog picture*** Enjoy your weekend!

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