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Happy me…


this is for you…
I told you made me a very happy girl today…
Have been happy dancing… crying and just ohhh and ahhhh all morning… too excited to know my name!!!
Why all this excitement then…
Just take a look …
…package from USA… a big package delievered especially to me…and received by DH… who stuck in his head through the door…
-Package for you!!!!

-What I said… -Package…he said…so I hurried downstairs …
…leaving my patches upstairs alone….
Oh my gosh …
this was one of my Giveaway wins on my birthday last week
from Primitives by the Light of the Moon

…everything wrapped so I couldn´t see all the wonderful things…
…first thing out a book how to Punchneedle Miniatures…
Ohhhh.. guess what I will be reading tonight!!!
…weavers cloth and yarn in all the possible colours….
…a Lip-Lock embroidery frame…
…Cameo punchneedle …
…and these absolutely gorgeus needlepunch pins…
they are sooo cute!!!
…and here is everything all together!!!
And …
What do you think…
I think Im the happiest girl today!!

Thankyou so much Ginger !!!

I know I will have a lot of fun trying this all out…
oh what a day!!!


38 thoughts on “Happy me…”

  1. Hei, you are not just very happy but also verry pretty in pictures.;) Nice to see you. Who wouldn’t be as happy as you receiving such great gits?! I wait to see your first tries on needle-punching :).

  2. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner….life challenges is all I have to say.Your blog loaded perfectly and quickly and looky here a comment…easily.Your a lucky gal with that win! I own that book and that exact same hoop system. Enjoy!!

  3. Happy you indeed! All those punchneedle supplies and I love the one on the cover of the book. I have just discovered punchneedle myself so I will be interested in seeing some of your work.

  4. WooHoo! what an excellent prize! Punchneedle is so simple and the Cameo punchneedle is by far the easiest to use! I use Pearl 8 DMC threads in mine. Happy Punching!!HugsJo

  5. Hi Stina,Your giveaway win is something I’ve always wanted to try and have even purchased some of it. Seeing the cute pins just makes me want to search for it. Your Dad looks so proud looking at you. Happy Birthday a day late or I guess two across the ocean.Keep Stitchen’Bonnie

  6. Oh My Goodness…Aren’t you just the luckiest girl:)! I think you will have hours of fun doing needle punch. I love the postage stamps that Ginger used. I have been to the Redwood Forrest, in California, many times and I crossed the Hoover Dam (aka Bolder Dam) twice in December of last year. They’re building a new bridge and the construction is awsome.

  7. What a wonderful prize- congratulations! I have seen punch needle at our local shop as there will be a course for it next term. It looks like so much fun to try and brilliant to do in the evenings with the TV. I have been warned though that it is very addictive. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you make first.

  8. Oh Stina – What a lucky girl you are! I work at Jo-Ann Fabric’s and Crafts in Columbia SC and we have a guest that makes the most beautiful and intricate doll house carpets in pinch need embroidery. HAVE FUN WITH IT!

  9. Yes! You are the lucky one! I have the same needlepuncher (no idea how I should say that!) and it is s much fun. I am smiling just thinking about punchneedle embroidery. It’s fun. Hint/tip – I use dmc’s perle cotton number 8 which comes as a little ball of thread, less threading!

  10. Stina, WOW! You scored……You’ll be busy for awhile.I havent done any punchneedle……..I have to much going to start on that,lol! Cant wait to see your 1st project…Happy Birthday to you, even if its late,Amy

  11. Wow what a happy girl on the photo :)I can understand that you want to bring your weekend reading this book and trying to do some punchneedle..Good luck!Have a nice weekend!

  12. Gledar meg veldig til å sjå dine ferdige produkt! Er spent på om denne teknikken vil “ta av” her i Norden. Har ikkje sett nokon som lagar det til denne tid. Lukke til!

  13. Oh, Stina, such wonderful things! How very very nice to be allowed to unwrap all these gorgeoys things!!! Wonder what you will be showing us one of these days!Have a lovely weekend (O:

  14. What a great give-away! Do you know how to do punch needle? You certainly have the supplies to do it now! I can’t wait to see a finished product.

  15. I love to see you so happy in the photos!!! It’s a wonderful package, so many lovely things to work with! I haven’t done punch needle before so I’m looking foward to seeing your project finished!

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