…Ohhh… not yet…

I have wrapped a little parcel to someone today…. and I won´t tell you just yet!!!!
I know I´m really really naughty… but it will all be revealed soon…. I hope……so stay tuned…


12 thoughts on “Secret…”

  1. something goes wrong so I post a comment again *S*Wow you are ready.. I know that the lucky girl who got this lovely quilt will bee very glad..Great work Stina!p.s ser att du fått till texten på fotot nu? Gick det bra? d.s.hugs Marica

  2. Stina, Looks adorable what we can see!What a lucky person!Your so nice to send presents/surprises to peoplenothing better than getting a surprise in the mail in mho.Kathie

  3. Ohh I love secrets!!!! The lucky recipient will be sooo happy! I love your stitcheries, so neat and pretty! The sun is shining here also, it is starting to feel like Spring!

  4. Så fina saker du syr !! fantastiskt !ÅÅÅ vad vi vill ha vår nu, du och jag och säkert några till, ha, haMassor av goa kramar från mig.Åsa

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