It´s melting…

I know I´m silly…but I´m happy…
because the sun is shining….
and LOOK!!!!
…it´s melting…HURRA!!!!

It makes me feel so good…that in just a little wink I had my Bunny top quilted…
so I better get back upstairs and sew on the binding…so I can sit out and sew it on…
ok…maybe not today…but tomorrow!!!
See you soon…


16 thoughts on “It´s melting…”

  1. That is some blue sky! The best part of spring is the melting snow. You received a cool sewing box–nice gift. That will be very handy to get to your tools quickly.

  2. You are making good progress on your bunny quilt….and the BIG MELT has begun!Soo different from down under….we are pleased because the weather has cooled slightly.Autumn is my favourite season in Australia – it is almost perfect weather…..lovely warm days and cool evenings…..just wonderful!

  3. Hey Stina! Not … I’m like you – when it’s been cold I start counting down til it’s warm again! The only problem with it warming up for you is that it will soon be cooling down for me – EEK!! Not fun!! Love your big cheerful gerbera on your header though – a lovely spring welcome! Have un stitching, but don’t hurt that sore finger of yours!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  4. It’s pretty nice with the “roof drop”, it gives me hope for spring …. but I’m such a pessimist this time of year. We will probably get more snow but that will only make the old snow look cleaner!Anyway, it is wonderful with the sun. I get so much energy for starting new projects …. just what I need :)The gerbera is beautiful!

  5. Hi Stina,I totally understand you ~ even though living south of you I'm so fed up with winder. Today we actually could see the SUN shining & I had such a great time walking with Lilly ;o).Hugs, JuliaP.S.: we wanna see piccies!

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