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Some shopping…

The sun shines …the sky is clear blue and just a a couple of degrees cold…
I can feel it….
Spring is on its way!!!! 🙂

And I have spent some hours in my sewingroom… and actually sewed…lol
Oh Happy Days!!

Last week I did some shopping… have looked for pink and brown repro fabrics…
So thankyou Kathie for the tip to this shop!!
My first ones…
…and finally in my stash… ahmmm… do I need to say something …
I have started to collect something new here…
Now I only need to find shirtings… and maybe some blues and greens and…you got the point …do you… 😀

Bought a new book…and I love this one…

…it´s a Norweigan book (but mine is in swedish) by Gerd Gellein Merkesdal
and it have so many lovely things for me to make …

Today I got threads in the mail…

…from Karen at Farmhouse Woolens
for me to test on my Wool Garden…
some new threads for me…so this will be exciting…
Thankyou so much Karen!!! >:D<

And I have sewn my “Bunny Tales” quilttop together… 🙂
Hope to start some stitching on it soon!!
Will have to wait to take photos of that one…until I have stiched some…


29 thoughts on “Some shopping…”

  1. What wonderful shopping you have done. Is that Auriful wool thread? I’ve heard that is just dreamy to work with. By the time I was ready to try some, my shop stopped carrying it. I should order some from Karen.

  2. Oh dear, what loveley fabrics! You know perhaps that I love repros, and have a nice collection already, I can hardly use them, they are so wonderful. Thank you for the link to this fantastic shop! I defenitely will give it at least one try….!

  3. Don’t you just love shopping and getting great new things? I love the fabrics and that the book you purchased looks fantastic! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. Hey Stina! So pleased spring is starting to creep closer for you – it will take you a little while to thaw out after such a cold, snowy winter! And what better way to cheer up in time for spring than to SHOP!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Your book looks like it would be great just to look at, not to mention the hours of stitching fun you’ll have. Can’t wait to see what you create – carefully to protect your poor recovering finger! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  5. I love the fabrics you bought! And the book looks so interesting, I have one from the same author and I like her ideas too. Lovely little parcel, hope you can show us your stichting! Have a great weekend!

  6. Love your blog! Your “strangest day” story was very interesting. Once, about 20 years ago, my husband and I were driving home on the highway, when I got a bad feeling that something was going to go wrong. I told him about it and asked him to be extra careful. He was like, OK… Within a quarter of a mile our timing belt broke and the car died at the side of the road. Now he thinks I’m psychic. It *does* happen to people occasionally. 8)Happy stitching,Susan

  7. Those fabrics are yum yum yummy Stina – not sure why, but I just love the pink and brown fabrics, but have yet to start a collection – hmmmm maybe soon, LOL. Glad you got the thread. I’m going to start a redwork project using the red Sulky.Hugs – Karen

  8. Yahooo…you’re sewing…this is so awesome! I’m so happy for you!Love those pink and browns…they’d look pretty wonderful in a quilt I’ve started *grin*Thanks for stopping by and you’re right the ‘purple’ didn’t last long…giggle…it was long enough :pI’m a pink girl :Dhugs to you,Robyn xx

  9. Stina, Your brown and pink fabrics are wonderful……..They are habit forming ,trust me.You will end up with Red,Blue and Green and Black,Tan,ect soon enough…….I did. Enjoy them, Amy

  10. You chose some lovely fabrics … LOVE reproductions especially pink and brown. Can’t wait to see what you make with them.The new book looks lovely … does it come in English?Christine

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