Cold snow….

We have had very cold days for some weeks now…
around -20 C and lower…
went out and took some photos the other day…and the snow is so cold that you easily can see the shapes of the stars…
…pretty amazing…
…it is all white and fluffy….
…my backyard right now…
no tennis practising at the wall… 🙂
but I guess it will come…
And definetly no signs of spring…not even close…

Home alone … (almost)
the guys is on tenniscamp… son as a participant and DH as a cook and physio trainer…
Middle daughter is at home to keep me company…
we are going to the movies tomorrow…
and see “Australia”…it is showing for the last days here…
And after that I hope I can get into a sewingmood!!!
Have a great weekend… 🙂


29 thoughts on “Cold snow….”

  1. I use to see snow stars like that when I live in the northern part of the United States – in Idaho and Wisconsin, but now that I am in the southern area (Arkansas) I no longer see that – I hardly ever even see snow! only once or twice a winter. We have daffodils open and the roses are getting leaves on them. Spring is around the corner :)Karen

  2. wow….those snow stars are amazing!! I have never seen anything like that…well I have never seen snow!!! I hope spring comes along soon for you…it has been a long winter…and I am looking forward to autumn…it’s been a long summer!

  3. Your photos are great Stina love them even it is cold….then I can stitch inside with no bad feeling and have a fire in the fireplace….I saw Austrailia some weeks agot….wow the move give you something to think about….enjoy your movetime

  4. WOW what beautiful photos I have never seen Snow Star Crystals like these in Australia, it is just not cold enough, it is amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing these with us :-)Erica

  5. I sure have sympathy for you…I just got back from a quilt retreat where the temps were in the 20’s (Fahrenheit) and I could barely stand it! I thought of you everytime I went outside! (But of course the 20’s are much warmer than where you are!)

  6. I just can’t get enough of your beautiful snow pictures. I just want to reach out and touch them. I should be fair and get some beach photos to share with you *s*

  7. I love the pictures with snow crystals, they are beautiful!!! Even though it is still so cold…But it won’t last long, soon you will be posting pictures of darling flowers! Have a wonderful weekend with your daughter!

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