Two finishes…

How did that happen??? 😉
Hard work… 😉 (not) and some willpower and most of all my longing for sewing!!

This is the little “Cheer You Up” gift I received from Kris at Tag Along Teddies
Started to work on this one on Sunday at Marica

btw…do you see the lovely button!!!

and today I finished it …and Kris you were so right ..it was a perfect little job for my finger …think I managed it without too much strain!!
Thanks for thinking of me… :L
So here is my version …
with a little spring colours…
Im so happy …to finally get something done around here…

whooa… wait I have another finish…. 🙂
Finished with the little quilt I got fabrics for from Kathie
So this is how my version of it became…

Can you see …that those flowers look just like snowflakes… if not …use your imagination…lol..
Can you tell I´m pretty pleased with myself.. 🙂
And best of all…
just a little sewing have made me feel so much better…
Ok …the finger is still bothering me…
but my mood is better!! 🙂

So May Britt and Kris…I have two finishes for February!!!


25 thoughts on “Two finishes…”

  1. That’s great. And even if you should try to take it easy with your finger, I know the feeling not being able to sew. So I guess doing a little also is medicine. A not happy Stina is not good LOLLove both your finishes.

  2. Hey Stina! WOW! Look at you go!! TWO finishes!! YAY! And your version of “Love Bears All” Looks fabulous!! I’m so pleased you enjoyed my little “Cheer you up” giftie!! And glad that stitching has made you feel happier, too. And your plaid quilt looks great, too – pretty snowflake flowers! I’ve added them to the spreadsheet for this month’s prize draw – but I think you’ve already won with these lovely finishes!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  3. The little bear is precious, but I love the little quilt. It is very country looking. You do a wonderful job of choosing what fabrics to put where. I think I will start collecting checks and plaids and see if I can make a little quilt like yours….

  4. Hi again,wow – congrats on your finishes for February! Hey, even being handicapped you’re way better than me with finishing projects…;o)You did a beautiful job on Kris’ cute design…and I love your version of Kathie’s quilt…!I’m glad you did a bit stitching ~ I know how this can positively affect your mood…{I can tell myself ~ could do some seams today and now I’m almost as happy as always ;o)} and this helps to speed up the healing process…Feel hugged,Julia

  5. Congratulation on your two finishes. They look wonderful! Sounds like you’re excited about your accomplishment and you should be! Now I just have to follow your example.

  6. glad to see you stitching againand oh I just love your version on my little quiltyes I see the snowflakesbeautiful.thanks for sharing the pictures with usKathie

  7. Your little teddy bear quilt is lovely. I love the spring ‘Stina’ colours you used.The plaid quilt is lovely too. Your stitched blocks make it very special.Glad you are feeling better.Christine

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