Happy Valentine´s Day…

I want to wish all of my readers a
Happy Valentine´s Day!!!
Take care of each other and stay safe…
I´m no much of a sweetheart as I´m leaving my lovely family for a sewing sleepover at Marica today… 🙂
Well what doesn´t a girl do for some creative sewing and lovely girl company!!
I can tell the boys were happy for me leaving…finally they could eat “Ugnspannkaka”…which I´m not so keen on… I looked it up my dictionary and got batter pudding…dont know if it is this… Anyway …they will have their guy weekend and do their stuf and I will have my very much longed for sewing…
And I promise to you all that Marica will keep an eye of me…and see to that I wont overdo my sewing!!
Yesterday I got a Cheer me up gift from Kris at Tag Along Teddies… a wonderful little stitchery for me to make …which will not strain my fingers so much… what a sweet and thoughtful gift.
Thankyou Kris… :L
Will take this one with me and hope to sew a little on it…so hopefully I will have something to show you on Sunday…
Se you all soon…
So have yourself a nice weekend and a Happy Valentine´s Day…

13 thoughts on “Happy Valentine´s Day…”

  1. Hey Stina! You’re very welcome! I just thought it was a good project for you to tackle that shouldn’t strain your sore finger too much, but will help you feel like you’re DOING something to help you be less frustrated! I hope you have a wonderful sewing sleepover! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. Hej Stina !!Tack för kommentaren på min blogg !!Hoppas nu, du och Marica har det gott och mysigt. ( fast det tvivlar jag då inte på )Massor av alla hjärtans kramar till dig och hela din fina familj.Åsa

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