My January finishes…

Totally forgot to show my finishes for January…
So just a quick post … 🙂
to show May Britt and Kris that I havent totally forgotten my manners!!!

Have made so many of these little pillows from Lynette Andersons pattern ” A trio of Greetings” … and for Colleen I just had to try another way to use it…
so I made a little wallhanging from scraps …
…and a little pincushion too…

And here comes another little pillow …yepp the same pattern.. 😉
but for Linda this time…

and for this one I just had to try another colour… 🙂
Think this one was my seventh… must take a break with them…lol…
but they are so fun to make!!!!
EDIT: Still behaving…these gifts were made before my finger went crazy again… 🙂
Tomorrow I hope I will have a little finish for February!!!!! 🙂

Three more days left at worktraining…
after that I hope for some rest for the finger and me…
But who knows what will happen???

Take care out there in the big big world…


19 thoughts on “My January finishes…”

  1. Oh I love how different those little pillows are – you are such a clever girl. Hope you are not overdoing with your sore finger. Take care and be a good girl *s*

  2. Oh they are gorgeous Stina- as usual! : ) I had seen the prezzies on the other end on the blogs of the recipients and loved them! Can’t wait to see more! You inspire me!

  3. Hi, first time visiter. It’s always a surprise to visit a blog for the first time. I think you work is truly lovely. We all do different works, different styles and yet we do the same thing…quilt.

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