Feeling down…

How to start…
My stupid …stupid finger is not cooperating with me!!!

Started worktraining 1 and 1/2 week ago at a textile recycling company … just to see how my finger can handle getting back to work…
Just started to be able to sew again… but Wednesday or was it Thursday…I woke up with a swollen finger again :c

And it aint fun at all!!
Ohh…it aint as bad as it have been…so that is good…but knowing I can hardly do anything and it get swollen ..this is no good news at all..

Have sewed anyway… 😉
but have to take it easy and slow again!( Aaarrgghhhh!!!!)

Well enough of that…

Jo is having a giveaway..she is celebrating her 100 th post…and wants us to share three crafty things that we cant be without…
and this is mine… 🙂

…my thimble….my needle and my pink DMC´s… 🙂
So take a little trip to her and see what more crafty items we cant be without…

And hmmm…this might be my 200 th post… and I sooooo wanted to have something ready for a giveaway… but I´m not… but I´m working on this matter and I hope it will be finished sometime!! So stay tuned… 🙂

So what do a girl do when she cant sew…READ!!!

Finally bought my two missing books and have been reading when I need a break… 🙂
and as I said…I have sewed a little…somone is having her birthday soon…so I made a little something for her… on its way… but might be a little late because ..I don´t know where the days have gone…so fast!!!
Hope it will arrive this year anyway… 🙂

And so many have asked what I have made out of my little snippets…
Yes I actually made something… but it have to wait a little while… 😉

See you soon…


46 thoughts on “Feeling down…”

  1. Your poor finger 😦 must be dissappointing not being able to do as much as you want to do. I think one of the three things you need should have been your finger ;-)HugsJo

  2. Hey Stina…as soon as I soon your heading in my side bar…feeling down…I immediately came over to check…oh you poor girl!!! That would be such a nuisance for you…but at least you have good reading material there. I recently bought the first 3 books in one big beautiful volume…but haven’t started yet…too busy with Twilight!!! You Take Care!!!

  3. OH Stina, I hope your finger gets better. I know you want to be able to have it back like it was. What about the joint medicines they have now. Would that help? Enjoy your books and slow down on the stitching.Hugs and mends sent to the finger sent your way,Bonnie

  4. So sorry about your finger. How frustrating that must be. At least you can relax with some reading. I never allow myself to do that until bedtime. Love all your little pink goodies!

  5. Hi Stina. Sorry your finger is still causing you problems … must be very frustrating. Hope it improves soon. I miss seeing all your lovely work. Reading sounds like a good alternative if you can’t stitch much. Take care.Christine

  6. How frustrating – not being able to sew! I hope your finger will heal up quickly and completely so you can get back to your needle and thread. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your finger. I thought you would be all better by now. I hope you are feeling better soon. I can’t wait to see what your snippets will be.

  8. Stina,I’m sorry to hear that your finger is acting up again. I hope that it will be on the mend soon. Three things that I can’t do without…it would be hard to choose only three…I’ll have to think about that one. I can’t wait to see your little snippet project. Your books look like a lot of funnnnnn;) I bet your head is swimming with ideas’)

  9. Stina, I ‘feel’ your pain.I’m so sorry…it is frustrating!Do what you can when you can and hold on my dear.Hugs to you!!Robyn xxLove your 3 things…think they may be mine too…need to think on that 😀

  10. I’m sorry your sore finger is getting you down. I love seeing your beautiful creations so anything that keeps you from making them gets me down, too. Enjoy the reading while you let your poor finger heal.

  11. I like what Karen suggested, I want to stay home and be a sewing diva as well. I hope you finger is better soon. My too…I can’t be without thread and needle. I’ve been reading the same series of books, currently reading the Home Coming.

  12. work is severely over rated Stina so stay at home.. I wish I could, but I like $’s too much! I guess slow and steady is the best idea or drag your machine out and be friends with that.. I put a needle through the back of my finger once (that’ll learn me not to wear a thimble) it took WEEKS to heal as it was infected, no hand sewing for nearly a month.. I just read the Quilters Apprentice…. and another one (can’t remember) I didn’t read them in order.. LOL

  13. I am so sorry your finger is acting up again..I hope it is better soon! I love the pink fabric and thread…can’t wait to see what your working on!!

  14. Oh I SOOOO understand how you feel! You think it’s okay so you try just a little work and then WHAM it goes bad again. I can totally relate and I hope it gets better quickly so you can do tiny bits here and there~!

  15. Sorry to hear about your finger, that is really upseting….Hope it is getting better now and that reading those great books helped to cheer you up a little. Who is going to get that cute package?! Lucky one!

  16. Oh dear . . . . that darned finger. I hope you are able to soon find a way to keep it happy all while being able to stitch a little something. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping your finger is better soon *s*

  17. What a pain!! Im sure you could sew with 9 fingers…have it removed!! (lol) No seriously, I hope it cooperates soon and stops causing you problems! Hang in there!! Cathyx

  18. You poor thing, lucky you can still sew a little slowly…I bought one of those beautiful quilt books a couple of weeks ago I can’t wait to start reading it. Now I will pop over to Jo’s and see what her three things are…Well done on 200 posts that inspiring….

  19. Oh Stina – it must be so frustrating for your with your finger. Will this get better as time goes on or will it be something that just gets irritated when used to much doing certain things. I just got the Quilters Kitchen – looks like a fun read. I’m pretty sure I passed my 200th post – need to do something for a giveaway as well.Hugs- karen

  20. Oh…I know the feeling. My right hand and fingers give me trouble every now and then and it becomes so frustrating when your itching to stitch.Can I guess who the present is for? I see a hint in there and have one on the way to her as well. She has been such a sweet heart!

  21. Heja Stina! Sköt om ditt finger,som kan vila då du bloggar. Har man ont ska man bara göra det man tycker är roligt. Tråkiga saker struntar man i tills man har varit frisk ett bar tag.För mig gäller det att slopa dammsugaren om jag känner mig krasslig. Kram och se till att sköta om dig. Louise D

  22. Stina, lamento que no te encuentres del todo bien y que tengas el dolor de no poder coser……..seguro que ese dedo se te curs pronto y sigues haciendo tantas cosas bellas……Besos

  23. Those are some of my favourite DMC colours also and I just love the gorgeous toile fabric you show in the same picture.I hope your finger will be healed soon so that you can get back to your sewing.Margaret

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