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Gifts…from me and friends

Yesterday I got a little package from Hanne in Norway
with a beautiful Vintage transfer picture … 🙂 and a pre drawn quiltlabel…
with lovely sheeps on it.
Thankyou Hanne!!! :L
Ohhh…what to do with this transfer…mmm.. have to come up with something… 🙂
In my little house there is a lot of Christmas sewing going on…and I´m soooo LATE with everything…this finger has really made me come after more than ever… ok… use to be late with a lot of things…anyone else… 😉 but this …hah…
But have managed to get something done…hurray to me…
Have been mailing some presents …and this one I mailed last Wednesday and it arrived Saturday at Colleen´s doorstep…was that fast or what!!!
And she couldn´t save it for Christmas…
she opened it… ( just like me… 😉
Ok I didn´t tell her to save it…
And this little Angel I sent to Libby …she and I had a swap…and she made me a wonderful stocking… my first… 🙂 and I received a lot of other lovely goodies…look here
This is the tiniest I ever have sewn…one over one thread on 32 count linen…
glad I had new glasses.. 🙂
Oh this I haven´t told you…
My new glasses have broken!!!!
They sure did… believe me they have troubled me from day one…with not sitting on my nose…they were going to correct them…broke one of the ear-pieces of the glasses…
changed front … still not good and one day when I was cleaning them …one of the little one´s…we call them saddles…broke!!! Do you think I looked stupid or what!!
Had such a long face…and all I could do was laugh… 🙂
So I went back with an angry face..(not) …was laughing all the time…when I told them my little story… and they laughed too… thanks for that … they really must have thougth that this lady was very violent… 😉
Anyway…hope I will get my NEW glasses this week!!

Cause now I´m back with my old ones…and when stitching on my christmas presents…oh yes I am… 🙂 I don´t see a thing with them…so they are on top of the head instead… 🙂

And another swap I have had was with Jo in Tas…I now know my package has arrived at her place.. but she sure in stong and will save it for Christmas… 🙂
which I couldn´t… 😉

Third Advent last Sunday…

…and it was time to open my little parcel from May Britt… lit my candles…made my tea and had a wonderful morning…
This time the package held thread… 🙂
Thankyou May Britt
Feel almost sad…just one package left… 😦
Wow…Christmas is soon here… where have time flewn…
better get back to some stitching here… Sorry no pictures yet… maybe I will show some peeks…but not sure yet… I know at least …. of them is looking at my blog… 😉

21 thoughts on “Gifts…from me and friends”

  1. wow you certainly have done very well in the swap dept!Love the bag, and the angel you sent Libby is preciousOf course I just LOVE that stocking that Libby sent you, I need to start collecting wool I am loving all these things I see she makes with wool.and of course snowmen are just perfect for the applique! and you can never have enough pincushions or red plaids! Enjoy all your presents!Kathie

  2. Lots of lovely goodies. I see a sweet pillow or the front of a bag for the vintage transfer. Your striped pig makes me smile. Wishing you a speedy delivery of your glasses. I’m wouldn’t be able to thread a needle without mine!

  3. I just found your blog by coming from another site and have enjoyed looking at it. Such a cute bag with the angel that you made for your friend. It certainly looks like you enjoy making Christams gifts for your friends! have a merry Christmas and I will be back to look at your blog again.Karen in USA

  4. You have had so much bad luck with those glasses. Are they going to give you new ones? Have you tried wearing contact lenses? I wear one contact. It is for distance. I see fine close up, so I use one eye for close up without a contact. Works well for me.Your angel bag is very cute. I have never seen a pattern like that.

  5. Stina – you’ve given and received som fabulous gifts *s*I just knew those stitches on the angel are so small . . . . I don’t know how you were able to see them – I must need more new glasses *s*

  6. I just adore the angel bag,sooo cute. What a pain about your glass’s and I know what you mean. I’m as blind as a bat without mine….lol…. A little birdie tells me that there’s another parcel on it’s way to you, with strict instructions written on the packaging….lol…..

  7. Stina, not again with your glasses…Hope you get your new ones soon. You’ve stitched more than I have, even if you can’t see. Your bag is precious you made Colleen. Hanne and May with their treasures they sent. “Friendship is the greates thing.Merry Christmas,Bonnie

  8. Hey Stina! Your angel bag is FABULOUS! I’ve never seen a pattern like that before – how clever and cute! Awwww and you keep telling us you can’t sew cos of your sore finger, I think you’re pulling our legs!! Oops! Australianism … um … making up stories!! To get sympathy! Tee! HEe! Hee! Just kidding – glad you’re able to get some of your stitching done, even if you’re a bit slower than usual. Pretty threads from May Britt, too, very handy to stitch new fun projects – can’t wait to see! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  9. Hi Stina, Wonderful little gifts! I love the story of your glasses, sounds like something I might do and would be laughing all the way. I hope you get your glasses soon. I know what it is like not to be able to see and wanting to do some hand work. I can’t wait to see what you are working on!

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