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A christmas present…much snow…and Lucia!!

On Friday I got mail from the Southpole…(almost)…from Jo in Tas
she and I have had a christmas swap with each other…The mailing from Tasmania was so much faster then from Sweden… hope she will have hers next week…

Oh back to my things… and even Viktor had a little present… guess if he was happy …a christmas straw with Santa… he tried it out at once… with tea…:) worked perfect!!

And some nice chocolate for us to try…perfect today…remember candy day for us on Saturdays!!
And she even put in a map of Tasmania for me…for coming travel plans…think I have to win a lottery first…and after that I´ll come!!
I had plans to try and save this one for Christmas Eve…but I hope you can see..It was a little peek hole in the package… and I don´t know how it happened…the hole become larger and larger… 🙂 and Oooppsss!!!
…suddenly it was open…
… a lovely bag made from one of Annies new patterns…this is the front…
in a gorgeous red and beige fabric…
And a Christmas Bauble also made from one of Anni´s patterns…
and this is the back….
Thankyou so much Jo for my fantastic gifts… :L

Let it snow…let it snow…
Simone you shouldn´t have made that little wallhanging for me… 😉
when will it stop snowing… 🙂
This is some pictures taken today at our yard…

…and we cant come in the garage… 🙂
ok…Viktor fixed that with the snowshovel…
but he almost had everyting over him…pheewww!!

And today we celebrate Lucia in Sweden…this a little video from my sons Lucia at school earlier this week… He is a Santa somewhere in the background..:)
I know the light is very bad …sorry.. all lights out … just Lucia´s candles…
Hope this will work… heavy load I guess… but I´ll give it a try…
They are singing a swedish Christmas song
“Staffan var en stalledräng”

So please stop the music at the playlist down below and enjoy… 😉

Hope you all are having a great time wherever you are…

24 thoughts on “A christmas present…much snow…and Lucia!!”

  1. Such a beautiful bag. OH my goodness that IS a lot of snow! There is nothing sweeter than children singing Christmas carols. Thank you for sharing your Christmas traditions.

  2. Great bag! And boy oh boy do you have lots of snow! I bet Viktor had lots of fun with that shovel knocking it all down!! The children in the video are sweet and I enjoyed listening.

  3. holy smoley.. thats a whole lotta snow!!!! and what lovely gifties from Australia.. I LOVE that bag.. hmmm might have to gift myself with that bag *W*take care and try to stay warm???Lissain australiawhere its VERY warm…

  4. Think of the fun you would have if you won the lottery…you could come stay with me in Adelaide and Jo in Tassie. You are a bit naughty opening your Xmas gift before Xmas. I love the bag though. Wow you certainly have some snow. It looks lovely but then I’m not living in it.

  5. Oh dear, shame about that hole in the wrapping. Hmm I think that perhaps you’re as bad as a child when it comes to parcels……. Love all that snow.

  6. Hey Stina! I’m like you, my gifties always seem to ‘accidentally’ come unwrapped as soon as I get them! Tee! Hee! Hee! Scott says my curiosity will get me into trouble – just like the kitty in the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’!! Uh oh!! Loved your snow photos, without wanting to actually BE there for the cold! Good think Viktor didn’t sneeze while standing under all that garage snow or there might have been an avalanche!! Oh, and you can add a visit to Toowoomba when youw in lotto, too!! Stay warm – Bear Hugs! KRIS

  7. Please please please send us some snow!!! I think I’ll make the little wallhanging for me too. Who knows what will happen … Love what you got from Jo (O: Today I was allowed to light Lucia for the third Advent. From now on I think I will always have to think of you when lighting it. Have a great Sunday!

  8. Well, what’s a girl to do – if there’s a little peek hole, it must be looked through *s* I think you are doing it right, a little bit of Christmas all along the way. Keeps the season festive!

  9. Wonderful presents! I can truly understand the hole in the package got bigger!!! A little bit of snow around here would be so nice, can you send us some?!

  10. Stina, thankyou for brightening my evening with the children singing couldn’t understand what they were singing but it was so Christmas-ish, I miss the end of year school concerts. Wow that is a gorgeous bag you lucky girl and the bauble is lovely along with the other goodies as well. Thats a lot of snow at your house… how does your garden survive all that snow and cold…..

  11. What a happy post! The video was precious. What a lucky girl you are to get all those nice things. The bag is just wonderful. Enjoyed the pictures of the snow. Wow!! What a lot of snow. Be safe, stay warm and may you have a joyful and blessed Holiday………..

  12. Lovely gift from Jo…..and what a shame the wrapping “fell off” before Christmas….but handy that it was candy day!! have had lots of snow!!! that will keep Vikor fit ….keeping the paths clear…….thanks for all your birthday wishes too….today is the day….woo hoo…but I am off to work and it will be a busy day with a meeting that will start first thing and go until luch time…then I have to make sure the minutes are done…so glad I have been celebrating for days…LOL

  13. Hi Stina,I saw all the lovely things you sent Colleen :O) on her blog… she mentioned you guys have a Christmas tradition that involves goats? I saw the napkins with goats :O)…tee hee I would love to know what this is :O)…

  14. now about the parcel…………I see if you had been in the SSCS you would have been a naughty girl………lol…….love the bag Jo sent you………I got the pattern at Anni’s on the weekend……. can’t wait to whip it up…….

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