Butterfly award…

May Britt thankyou so very much for this COOL award…

Petra and Linda
check out this…your mum is cool… 😉

And this is the rules:

1. Post about the award
2. Link back to the givee.
3. Place the award on my sidebar
4. Choose 10 blogs that I think are cool.

And now to the part that I´m sooo bad into doing… I just can´t pick out just 10 of you wonderful bloggers out there…

I find new blogs almost every day… and the ever growing rss feed is going hot every day…and especially these days around christmas….

Are we much more creative cause we have a deadline…lol…

I give this award to you all in an early christmas present…
think you all are COOL… 😉


1 thought on “Butterfly award…”

  1. Wow, you made some beautiful things with the girls! Love the basket and the snowman quilt! Good te see you had such a good time (O: And thank you for the award to all those wonderful bloggers. Wouldn’t life be more boring without them? Have a great day!!!

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