Wonder whats happened to me…three posts in one day…. 🙂
but this is too good not to post about…
This is what was in my mail today…
….May Britt
You are spoiling me totally… oh yes you are… but I love it!! 🙂
She have been teasing me to check my “postkasse” for some days…and this is what arrived today…
An adventscalender for me!!!
Oh I´m so touched by the generosity…
Tears started to drop and Viktor who is at home sick today…asked if I wasn´t happy??
And hmmm I said……that is exactly what I am…sweetheart!! Kids… 😉
Loved the paper she wrapped the little packages in…had a bit hard to open…but Viktor said…Just do it!! 🙂 So I did!!!

…and look… pink shell buttons…
…ohhh…May Britt
Thankyou so very much :L
…this was truly a wonderful day… and best of all I have three more packages to open…every Sunday until Christmas… 🙂


22 thoughts on “Adventsmail….”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 posts of yours today and looking at all the wonderful pics. You can post as often as you want Stina, we’ll let you! LOL Enjoy your goodies from May Britt and I hope to see pics of what you got accomplished at your sewing weekend very soon….

  2. Stina what a wonderful present! Those buttons are beautiful! And I love everyone’s projects in your other post. You girls were busy! I was bad… I stopped working on presents this weekend to catch up on my sheep, but I am back at it as soon as I can! Ten inches of snow here…. We are getting to be like you guys now with our weather!

  3. You are very lucky! Maybe next year there should be and Advent swap. It is so nice to see them on different blogs! Isn’t it great to be allowed to look at three packages that are still to be opened. Hope Vikton feels better. Have a wonderful day (O:

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