Quiltweekend 2nd day…

Just a quick post before they pick me up for another day of sewing… 🙂
First of all I want to say…
All the blocks made in the last entry…they were not mine !!!

Lotta and Cici have really sewn this weekend and have a lot of finishes… I have just fiddled with one… and started with another… 🙂

Ok…some pictures…

…Lottas squares sewn toghether…
Don´t you just love this one…
…here is Cici working on her triangles…
I love the fabrics too… 🙂

…and hmmm…and this is what I was working on yesterday… 😉

Just a little short post of what we are up to…
more pictures will come… 🙂
Of to another day of SEWING …
See you soon…


14 thoughts on “Quiltweekend 2nd day…”

  1. Love the quilt! If I would see the fabrics in the shop, I would never think of buying them, but seeing them put together like this: GREAT CHOICE!!! Like what you’ve been working on too. It’s so funny, because red is not my color either, but when I see what you did with it, the colors and combination are lovely!

  2. Wow what you girls had worked 🙂 I so curiose what you are working on?! But it might by a christmas present to some one.. Have a great day! I will study to day and pick up some christmasthings..hugs to you all!

  3. Ooooooo……you want show what you are working on. Just teasing us. Love the quilt Lotta has made and look forward to see cici’s blocks together.And what you are up to LOL LOL

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