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PIF arrived in Tasmania…

A couple of days ago I got mail from Jo in Tas that my PIF gift arrived at her home…

It is always a relief when you know that something you have sent has arrived…
..and this was no exception…

Had so much fun stitching and sewing on this quilt…wanted it to be a spring quilt…and sitting here in Sweden with autumnleaves tumbling down while I stitched that was a pleasure… knowing it would be spring where it was going to “live”…
And I love spring…!!! 🙂
And it was fun making all three quilts in different seasons…
Colleens Pif was a Autumnquilt and Lauras something in between…and finally I got Jo´s in the mail…

…it´s done from a stitchery pattern made by Kim Shellington… and I just love the saying!!!
…this PIF round was so fun to be a part of and I enjoyed it very much…
So for my “new” ladies that have joined my latest PIF… I hope I will have just as much fun making you something… but I promise you…it wont be anything this year… 🙂

And thanks Jo for sending me the pictures…I had such a hurry mailing it …so I forgot to take some pictures… :$
Nothing much is going to be sewn next week or have been sewn at my place these last days…have a lot of secrets going on… DH is turning 50…so it is a lot of preparations going on…but schh…
he dont want anyone to know that he has a BIG birthday coming up!!!! 🙂


23 thoughts on “PIF arrived in Tasmania…”

  1. What fantastic PIF’s! I love them all. I am still working on mine to send out… tee hee. I have until March, but it will be before that. Have a great weekend!!

  2. Your PIFs are so amazing!!! I love your stitcheries, always so pretty! Thanks for the idea for my PIF, I’m trying to get some more things done and I hope it will work this time!Your Winter Wonderland picture is a very nice one! But thanks God it is not that cold here yet!!!

  3. I love the PIF you sent to Jo, so sweet. Tell your dh that turning 50 really isn’t too hard and it doesn’t hurt…… Hope he has a wonderful day.

  4. Your blog is wonderful….marvellous…I like your sweet little quilt very much.Do you have snow at the moment??? We hope having more snow this year than last year because we like snowy weather but it is absolutly too warm.Best wishesIris

  5. Hi,This PIF is so cute and you had done a god job with them all.. I hope everything isfine with you and your family? I know it´s Lars birthday to day and I hope you could give him a birthday hug from me and wish him a great day..By the way it´s time for our quiltmeeting soon and time for do some plans…Have a nice day!hugs

  6. Wow how lucky is Jo… that angel quilt is so so cute especially in spring colours, you are very clever. Hope you have lots of fun with your hubby’s big birthday plans…

  7. It’s my first time to post here, what fun things you do, where else can you go around the world and see others that share the same addiction to material!! I guess that is a good thing?

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