A Quickie…. :)

Sorry…no long post from me here…
Repacking my stuf and are heading off to my parents for some days…
Pheeww… 🙂
Just wanted you all to see that I actually have made two things this weekend… 😉
My Teabag is finished
…and I was “forced”… 🙂 to finish this one…this was definetly not what I intended to do this weekend…
After Lottas litte Friday project for us all… The Cup Cozy
the teabag had to be made…
Hmmm…this little bag have slipped my mind too many times… We were all supposed to make them for about a year ago…. and I hadn´t…and not Marica either… pheeww…. 🙂
Have to say it feels quite good to have it ready…
So Marica…stitch on it tonight!!!! 😉

So Sorry…no other pictures this time … hope Marica and Cici will put up some pictures from the weekend!!!

See you in a couple of days… 🙂


18 thoughts on “A Quickie…. :)”

  1. Hi Stina, just passed along your blog through Kris Meares. Your blog looks great! Really enjoyed looking through it. Your work is so nicely done. A joy to the eye :O) Have a great stay with your parents!

  2. I must have missed something ???? what is wrong with your fingers nothing toooo serious I hope. I have been meaning to make that little mug bag for ages. I love your colours.

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