Just a short note…

Having a sewing eldorado this weekend with my friends…
Marica, Cici and Lotta…
Kristina we do miss you!! Maybe next time!!

Some pictures from today´s sewing…
Cici is having her table full of things and I don´t know how she really mange to sew at all … 🙂
Lotta almost finished a bag…
And Marica and I have a finish… 🙂
Amazing… you can see mine at one of the pictures… a bit of it anyway…promise some more photos tomorrow… maybe better ones too…

…these pictures is just for some curious ones…and you know who you are… 🙂
See you tomorrow…
And I promise I´m taking it very slowly… I think… 😉

9 thoughts on “Sewingweekend…”

  1. What fun you must all be having, lucky you. I managed to get out of the house today to do a little shopping, and some fabric shopping. Now I feel like I’ve run a marathon and am ready for bed. I’ll be so happy when I feel my old self again. Enjoy your weekend.

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