Goodies, Quilts

Still at home…

Yesterday my tennisguys came home from a FANTASTIC weekend in Stockholm…
They were tired…but they had a lot of tennistalk to share… 😉
And Viktor was so pleased with the trip so he said: -I want to move to Stockholm!!!
Oh…please not yet… give mom some time to get use to that first…
And he also said…I want to be as good as the big guys…so I will keep on with my practising all the time… so do you all know what this means…
Yepp…more ball bouncing against cupbooards and doors in the house…!!! 🙂
Ok…is this what I have to live with…so Ok…as long as he is happy!!
Yesterdays mail was a very happy surprise…
You who follows my blog know that I had some bad experience with a shop in USA earlier this year…and I had two very lovely ladies who tried to help me to get into contact with that shop….
It was Pat and Sharon… oh they phoned and phoned and no result what ever…and today this arrived…from Sharon
…a lovely pink parcel…
…with some of the books I tried to order… plus a little extra …lovely little notepads…
Thankyou so much Sharon…I know you have tried and tried to find these books for me ever since…and I am truly grateful…
Do you think I was happy ???

Ok…my orange monster is ready… kind of love it though its orange
So let me introduce…

And guess I haven´t been so good at resting this weekend…still at home…still a bit tricky with the finger…but getting better… no quilting yet… 😦
Have a good day!!

23 thoughts on “Still at home…”

  1. Your pumpkin quilt is sooo cute. I love orange and red.Those two books you got is so great. I had four of them, one was stolen from me on a workshop Ihad some years ago, and I have not been able to find it again. A lot of great stitcheries in them

  2. You did get a lot done with an empty house Stina, did you remember to eat and sleep? How sweet of Sharon to find and send the books to you. They look interesting, may have to do a search on them.

  3. That is wonderful that you were able to get help and eventually get what you had ordered. Aren’t quilters wonderful people? Your pumpkin quilt turned out beautiful!

  4. Hurray!!! for Pat and Sharon! how nice of Sharon to send you such a lovely package. I’m with Linda, think I’m going to have to see if I can find any of those patterns. Orange is one of my favorite colors…so you’ve got to know I love your orange quilt.

  5. Love your blog!! And your pumpkin quilt is soooo beautiful. The Angel Story is really adorable, Iwish I had got in on that one! Love Angels! Hugs, Mary

  6. Hello Stina, paying you a return visit. I love your autumn quilt.Wonderful parcels in the post too, there truly are some very generous and wonderful people in blog land.I’ll bookmark you and come back again, I want to see those Manx blocks in your UFO list.

  7. Isn’t it nice to know a quilter is ready to help in need. What a sweet thing to do. I love you pumpkins and crow. Do you mind sharing the name of the pattern, it’s so adorable.

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