Family, Pincushions

I´m managing… :)

Yes I am… 🙂
wrapped my fingers in a little parcel and started my sewingday today… Ahhh.. so nice after so many days without sewing…
And no one in the house…except for me and some dustbunnies…and believe me …they are going to keep me company all weekend…will not take care of them…lol…
Some nice music playing… you can check out what I´m listening today on the little radio player in my sidebar…
And picking some fabrics for a PIF… 😉
…and a project finished…
…a pincushion made from my prize from QuiltTaffy …a pattern of Kim Diehl…
Hope I can keep up some speed here…need to rest a little too… 😉
…and this is the happy gang I left at the trainstation late last night…
ohhh it was a cold and foggy night…
drove really slow on my way back home in the middle of the night…and almost missed my road anyway… yikkeesss!!!
Wish all the kids a happy time in the big city…
GOOD LUCK to you!!

12 thoughts on “I´m managing… :)”

  1. I think i must have missed something. What happened to your fingers??I love your pincushion . It is so cute. I must look that one up.It looks so cold at the train station. We dont have snow where I live so it would be great to visit it, one day.

  2. Hi,I hope you could sew with this packages on your fingers..You had made so lovley pinchusions the last days and I hope you can have a nice weekend with some sewing..I will cross my fingers for Viktor and his friends that it goes well for them..Take care!

  3. Have you hurt your finger????????Now it’s finally weekend and I’m on my way back home to relax and SEW!!!!!Love your pincushion. And enjoy the time home alone, guess you will be sewing a lot.

  4. Oh, what a big boo-boo on your finger. I hope it is all better soon. I just love the pincushion you made. Such pretty fabrics! Have a great weekend and Happy Sewing….

  5. Well now I can get it to load, those wrapped up fingers look like a good excuse not to cook….lol… I know how much you just love to cook *s*Hugs

  6. Take care of that sore finger. What did you do? Enjoy the time of sewing and visiting with the bunnies. I’ve decided to keep mine as friends *lol*Good luck to the players!

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