6 days….

…since I last wrote…
Been pretty tired and still is…my wrists and my foot is complaing a lot …but I´m still hanging in here… 🙂 Have to kill some more dustelephants!!!

Ok…I know it´s hard to belive …we have October…but last Saturday…we had our FIRST SNOWFLAKES…. I went out in my jammies and took some photos before they melted away…
It was sooo cold…the wind was whirling around the corner and there I stood in my pink checkered pyjamas… taking photos of the snow…and why… I hate snow… just because I had to show you … 🙂
So here is the PROOF!!!!

Off to something more nice…

This is a pattern from a Quiltmagazine I got from Pat …and I made the first one in fabrics I had received from her… very bright and happy…and when it was finished…it stood LOUISE on that one…so it went in the mail to her…as a little surprise… 🙂
And the other one I sent to May Britt on her birthday last week… Happy Belated Birthday to you!! They were quite fun to make…
A lot of parts but ok…

…they became much larger than I had imagined… but thats good… so now I need to make some more of these ones… and one for me… 🙂

Last Saturday my son and his friend/doublepartner were qualified for a big tennistournament in Stockholm this weekend… Hurray to them… and the girls from Viktors class did make it four in the same class is going this weekend!! Pretty amazing…

Picture this…free train…free hotel …play in a big tournament …at the same arena as Stockholm Open…during the games and be able to see the famous players too…
Can you picture one HAPPY guy… 🙂 ?
And his father…he is as happy …Viktor said to him… you are only doing this for the free ride…!!!
oh oh …what a laugh…. :O

So for the big trip tomorrow….
I had to make Viktor a little case for the cellphone… 🙂

…and he loved and so did his classmates…
-Mum…can you make some more…???
Hmmmm 🙂
Over and out from a tired Stina …who is going to be alone at the weekend…and I have big sewing plans…hope I can stick to them…

13 thoughts on “6 days….”

  1. Good luck with your sewing plans this weekend. I do wish you could send some of that snow this way. We used to get 2 or 3 good snows every winter but haven’t gotten any to speak of for the past several years. I miss snow!

  2. Great to hear from you. I guess you are tierd like me in the afternoon 😉 It sounds great with some sewing time, perhaps I join you! Konw it´s time for bed, the bell rings 5 o´clock tomorrow morning..hugs

  3. Take care of yourself Stina, can't have you away from blogland too long!Congrats to Victor & his partner, they must be very excited. Love the pincushions too, very cute!!

  4. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! I wish we got snow where I lived. I would love to have a white christmas…just one year. Our weather in NSW Australia has been a bit all over the place. Some really hot days and then some really cold ones. Spring has not decided what it wants to do as yet. Enjoy sewing by the warm fire Stina….I wish I could be there too! Jo xo

  5. Grattis Viktor! Good Luck this weekend!I love my New pincushion and I am using it! Enjoy your lonely weekend…you can always do housework if it gets too boring!!!!! Not!

  6. Hi Stina!Hope you are feeling more energized for the weekend so you can get to your sewing plans…love your pincushions! Stefanie made one for me and it is my favorite- the pins can be pushed all the way down and they don’t come out the bottom! It is great plus it holds alot of pins!Hope you get some good sleep and have a great weekend.

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