No headache today…

….and that felt good… 🙂
So I actually made it into the sewingroom today…
Started on my PIF gifts…and one is almost ready…but I d0n´t tell whose it is…I have to have some surprises !!! 🙂
So today I leave it up to you to guess what is a PIF …what is a present for someone… or maybe it isn´t a present for anyone…it might be for myself…
actually made one more thing …but forgot to take a picture…and now it´s too late and too dark…maybe tomorrow…
Tomorrow..Hmmm… then I will go back to work…will start with work training for a month…to see if my foot will withstand the load again…hope so…and if not…then I know…
So I guess I will be very tired for some days now…hope I will have some energy left to see what happends out in blogland…
Eight hours of cleaning will definetly make me tired!!!
So watch out dustbunnies…here I come…beware of me!!
Hope for all of you a lovely time… and My Sweet Angel Members…please don´t miss to report if you are finished by the 30 th of September…
Will check my mails at morning ( my time)the 1st of October!!
See you all… 🙂

7 thoughts on “No headache today…”

  1. I can’t wait to see what you are working on! Good luck with work tomorrow. I know that getting back into a groove is difficult and tiring, but you will eventually get into a habit and it will work out.

  2. Good to hear that your headaches are gone. You are working on beautiful projects, I love pincushions and I would love to see a picture of this one! Hope everything is fine with your work, take care.

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