Package arrival!!!

2 months and about a week
… this is the time this lovely package from Pat took to come to me… who do know where it has been…all we know is that it has been in Israel…but after that…who knows…Sure would like to hear the story… if it has been adventurous or just awful… 🙂 But I am so glad it has arrived for Pat´s sake…hope she can relax now…
…when I told the story at the postoffice..they couldn´t believe me… cause everything was correct done…clear adress label and custom declared…but it happened… and have to wait for 17 workdays just to know something about it… they just shook their heads…and again…after knowing it was in Israel…have to wait 17 days again!!!! Never heard anthing like it!!
But it´s here…and do you want to see!!! 🙂

…nicely wrapped little packages…
….ohhh…it was many little packages….
…ok…the wrapping was torn…after 2 months on the road…but everything was in nice order…
So take a look at all this lovely goodies!!!
PAT!!! 🙂
…Mary E notepads & journal… DMC threads …(love the colours)… pink ricrac… pastel buttons…and a little brown bag with her grandmothers lovely old buttons 🙂 …pencils for transfering… quilt labels… candy… magazines and fabrics…
Oh Pat…thankyou so very much…you touched my heart more than you can think of!!

And this package came very appropriate…caught a cold last week…with sore throat and on Saturday I wasn´t in my best shape….Marica had an great idea ( she thought) to plug my nose with paper and I said NO way…cause I know she would be the first to take a picture and blog about it… 😉
Ok…so today I have been lying in bed reading the fantastic magazines I received…
ThanksPat… :L

And I have had a wonderful weekend…thanks so much my lovely friends…
MaricaCici … and Lotta… And Kristina…we did miss you a lot…hope you will be better and can join us soon!!!
Thought I took a lot of pictures…but I guess I didn´t…so I just made a little collage from the weekend… Marica and Cici have some more pictures at their blogs…

I made a little progress on my Butterfly Garden… Marica worked on secret projects and helped her daughter Jennifer with a Tilda pattern…hope to see them slippers soon… 🙂
and Cici and Lotta they worked on a toiletbag…and I know they had a hard time… a lot of unsewing there… I wish you the best of luck girls…hope to see them finished too…

So thankyou my lovely friends for a great weekend…especially to you Marica and your family… for all the service.. and all the fantastic food and tea time pauses…


13 thoughts on “Package arrival!!!”

  1. What a gorgeous parcel you received from Pat, what a sweetie she is, a real angel. Now I think I would have enjoyed seeing a photo of you with a nose full of tissues…… but seriously, sorry to hear your not feeling well. Keep warm and rested. Love the photo’s from the weekend.

  2. Glad your package has arrived from its big adventure.Your sewing projects with friends look great. I need to cultivate some more obsessed friends, lol, for more fun sewing days!!I have started on my Angel Story quilt (finally!!) but having a hard time getting some vliesofix/bond a web/steam a seam/etc to work!! Nothing seems to really stick down the applique. Any tips?

  3. What terrific mail! Such wonderful goodies…too bad it took sooooo long to get to you! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend too. It is great to have quilting buddies.

  4. So the package finally arrived. Wonder where it have been. A lot of goodies for you :)Did you send your cold over to me???? Think I have to put some paper in my nose too.Love the photos from your weekend.And I got news about… know LOL

  5. If only the package could talk…What a lot of wonderful gifts you have recieved!!! Hope your feeling better!!..but what a great way to be sick, in bed with a quilting mag!!!! CAthyx

  6. Thanks for a perfect weekend togheter. I´m sorry that you got cold but I had hope you took my great idea to plug your noise with paper 😉 Lovely package you got and perfec to have when you not feel so good..Take care of you!hugs

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