Butterfly Garden

Where is my pins!!

….Hmmmm…they have been dissapering one by one …day by day… and finally I found them… They have been at a race…didn´t know that… wow…a competition for pins!!!
My son have been sneaking up to my sewing room the latest days for something..I have been asking him …what are you doing …nothing mom!!! he said…ok… i said…
This is what he have been doing… 😉
So ladies this is the result so far… yellow is in the lead!!! 🙂
Have been sitting nicely and been a very good girl these days …not using my sewingmachine… Wednesday I was at my chiropractor and fixed me to a better Stina… I hope!! 😉
And he said…-LADY… no SEWING..!!!
Ok I said…very quiet… 😉
But I promise I have been as good as I can…
I have stitched on my Butterfly Garden… YES!! I have finally started…have been on my to do list since X-mas…you see I have had this idea in my head for ages…I wanted my blocks to be very light and a bit oldfashioned…so I used linen and a new thread with just a hint of pink from DMC… So I just had to try it out… this is how it turned out..
…and I love it… didn´t think it would show up as much as it did…but it does !!
…and used swedish in the sayings… thanks Leanne for writing the words… (she did this when we were in Norway…or to be exact when she got back to Australia) Thanks!!
…some stitchery…this is what I love with Leanne Beasleys patterns…they have stitchery, applique and patchwork and finally quilting in them… The Best!!
…So this is my block 2… started with that one just to see how my idea where going to be!!

For the moment I should be packing instead of sitting here and blog…cause I´m off to Marica for a long long wished-for weekend with my sewing girls!!!
So see you on Sunday!!
Promise to take some pictures…and I guess Marica will blog some… 🙂


27 thoughts on “Where is my pins!!”

  1. Oh Stina it is absolutley divine!!! So sweet and pretty!! Love the story about your pins! My daughters always push my pins right into my pin cushions and make pictures and designs!! Cathyxx

  2. Love the way you are making your Butterfly Garden! It’s beautiful!You better do as the chiro say…unless it will take longer before you can really sew again…Have a nice week-end over at Marica’s!

  3. Ooooooo I love your butterfly garden. So beautiful with linen and white. Think I will copy this idea and use it for the blocks Leanne designed for us. Have a nice trip and enjoy your weekend

  4. Oh Stina-your Butterfly Garden is just gorgeous!! You are so talented! I hope mine will look that good- you have perfect color choices! : ) Have a fun weekend with the girls!

  5. I really enjoy your blog…and I love your butterfly garden blocks! I love Leanne’s patterns too…I’ve finished Quilter’s Journey and am now working on Leann’es House…butterfly garden next year!

  6. Love the direction you are taking with Leanne’s Butterfly Garden…I have seen pics of it in black and white with a touch of orange and other combinations but just love the really soft effect with the pale stitching…just divine….you clever thing!!

  7. You have such a great eye for putting fabrics together. Your butterfly garden quilt is beautiful. Have a nice visit and take care of your back!TTFN….Lilly

  8. Hey Stina! WOW! Look at your GORGEOUS block for your Butterfly quilt! How wonderful – you must be very pleased with how it’s coming up – so pretty and such neatly stitched stitcheries! Can’t wait to see the full finished quilt – it will be a MASTERPIECE!! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

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