Lovely mail and a Birthday give away…

Oh Sarah …you are fantastic… look what landed in my mail yesterday…
…Antique Wooden Clothes Pegs…
Here in Sweden we don´t have theese kind of pegs and I think they are sooo lovely…
She showed some on her blog and I said I loved them and now two of them are at my place in Sweden…isn´t the generosity of bloggers the best…
Thankyou sooo much Sarah :L
Must think of of a lovely use for them…. Hmmm … 🙂

I haven´t totally 😉 forgotten my dear PIF participants…will start soon and hope it will be ready sometime soon… late last night I just had to start something else…needed to test a block for Leanne Beasleys “Butterfly Garden”…will work some more on that one today…show you later…

And take a look at this fantastic Birthday Give Away
at Jane´s Fabrics
Oh my it is fantastic… 🙂


8 thoughts on “Lovely mail and a Birthday give away…”

  1. Those are antiques now? I guess I must be also. I admit I haven’t used them for a long time. I remember having a mouth full of them as I hung diapers up on the clothesline to dry.

  2. ….yes I have bought Butterfly Garden …..you know I will not have an idle retirement (whenever that comes around!!) ….I will have enough patterns and fabrics that I won’t have to buy a thing for years!! LOL …love the clothes pegs…..!

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