Cheri Saffiote Payne

Gather Love… and decisions…

Finally I have finished something… 🙂
my little wallhanging made from a pattern of Cheri Saffiote Payne called “Gather Love”… made mine with prim stitches and some cross stitch… yellow, pink, green and brown fabrics … it´s not big…but it´s finished!!!

And I did another one too…cause somebody have had her birthday…and Stina was very late in mailing it to her…:$ finally mailed her a pink little pressie…
She got it yesterday ( better late than never) …mailed it in the afternoon and at luchtime the day after it arrived to
LOUISE... my poolparty friend!!
…made hers in brighter colours… it looked a little bit lost at my place with its brightness…but Louise phoned me and said that the colours worked at her place…pheeww… 🙂
Happy belated birthday my dear friend!!

Today I have been at the optician and (YES mom and dad…I have been there!!!) and tested out new ones… yepp… I can no longer sit and look over or under my glasses… first of all…it looks pretty stupid…for those who don´t know me… the others know what I´m up too … Lol… and the bad part is that it gives me headache…

Ok..have come down to four different ones…pheew…think I will have to sleep on the decision…
It´s not easy when you are blind as a…??? lost the word…
Hope you all are having a great time out in the big big world!!

21 thoughts on “Gather Love… and decisions…”

  1. I like your flower……but I like mine better!!! The glasses all look nice. Have to admit though that with all of your faces….it is hard to tell the difference! Then again, who am I to speak….I also belong to the blind crowd. Sleep on it! You will make a good choice.

  2. Great work Stina, I like both quilts and I can understand Louise like it :)At least it´s time for new glasses I know how you look over/under them because I had been ther to ;-)what color are the arms of the glasses? Blue or pink ;-)hugs

  3. The little wall hangings turned out so adorable, I love the primitive stitch you did on them. The glasses look great, I have the same problem in finding the right ones.

  4. Oh I love both the quilts, just adorable. Hmm new glass’s never an easy choice. I thinkthe word you were looking for was bat. blind as a bat….lol…..

  5. Ooh, vad söta små bonader du sytt. Och det spelar ingen roll om man sytt nåt stort eller litet…känslan när det är färdigt är likadan, eller hur!? Jo, jag vet, välja glasögon är alltid lika svårt.Iaf jag drar mig i det längsta.Ha de´gott.

  6. I think that would be “blind as a bat” I am with you my arms are not long enough for me to read anything without glasses. Love you little quilts they are tooooo cute.

  7. Stina, I love your little floral quilt. Did you design it yourself? It is really, really cute!! I especially love the second one with the brighter colors…so me! I understand your troubles with glasses. Although you look wonderful in any of the four choices. They are great. A couple of years ago I had to go to progressive (bifocals) because I kept having to move my glasses up and down. Soon you won’t have to do that and believe me you will be happy!!

  8. Those quilts are adorable and the fabrics are such sweet and happy colors. Your friend is very lucky. Good luck on picking out your new frames. Whenever I get new ones and finally decide on what to order when I get them I always wonder why I ordered the ones I did, LOL. Good luck – I think you look cute on all of them :)hugs – Karen

  9. Hi Stina, tell Louise Happy Birthday, late but across the big sea. Your quilts are cute as can be and I can see how she would be thrilled with it. I was going to tell you “blind as a bat”, but I see Linda let you know. In school all the kids would pick, and say, “four eyes”, that was back in my days. I say the older we get, we just look extra dandy smart in the them.Hugs,Bonnie

  10. Stina! HELP en gång till…love the mosaic program you gave me website for…but I can’t find any information on it about uploading more than one photo at a time…is that possible? HOW? Thanks! Tack, tack! Carol Du kan svara mig i svenska om du vill.

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