Pat…you can relax now…. almost…

It´s finally here… my fantastic gift from Pat… you who read my blog knows about her struggle to send me a thankyou for a gift I sent to her…and her first package… who knows where that is…maybe it stayed in Israel… still waiting…
Anyway… what does she do then…gives me a giftcertificate… to shop for!!!
It´s incredible… this is such a lovely act of her…
And I couldn´t resist… 🙂
This is what I ordered….
…Charm Bracelets…
This is the fabrics I´m going to use in my quilt Nice People Nice Things…couldn´t be more perfect…Pat…you gave me a fantastic start with this quilt…cause what you did…it was one of the nicest things someone done for me…and Pat …you are one of the nicest people I know!!! Thankyou sooo much… :L

Otherwise I have been quilting and sewing a little this weekend…too little… 😉
But did manage to finally wrap this little present …and send it away to someone who has been waiting for a LONG time….

…and I couldn´t resist in letting you all just see a little of it…
…safe journey…little pressie… 🙂

How´s it going for all Angel Stitchers???
1st of September today… a month to finish the top…at least for me and Marica… 😉

I know that there is a lot of Angels beeing done out there…
just check out Peg, Bec, Kerri, Jo in Tas and there a re probably more beeing made…just click the links on my sidebar… they are all so lovely!!!
And I do see Angels pop up on some other blogs tooo…hope they will join the club too… 🙂
hmmm…need to start thinking of what to use for border….
Good luck to you all…


16 thoughts on “Pat…you can relax now…. almost…”

  1. Wonderful fabrics that will do perfect in NPNT. And I think we are going to finish the Angel Story quilt in time. We got a month to finish the top and 4 months to get the quilting done.

  2. Beautiful fabrics, will look lovely in NPNT. I’ve got the patterns too and just need some fabrics, not sure what colour scheme to go for. I’m working hard on my angels, only got 6 1/2 more blocks to stitch!

  3. I like it!!!! Was hoping when i saw the pink edge but could not be too sure! Thank you!!!!Your fabrics are great….can’t wait to see some blocks made from them.

  4. Lovley fabrics and the will bee perfect to this quilt. Looking forward to see if you will have them with you at our meeting ;-)Lucky girl who got this cute thing that you had send away…Take care!

  5. Heisann :-)Englene vokser for kvar dag – og eg har begynt å montere teppet – MEN eg hadde klart å kutte noen striper feil – og MÅTTE desverre sprette opp igjenMen Eg håper at det kommer meir bilder i dag – for i dag er det regn og vind – og godt innesyværSmil fra monika

  6. What yummy fabric that is and it will be great for your NPNT. Now what a nice little snippet you showed us. Can’t wait to see the whole thing – because I know it’s adorable :)Hugs – Karen

  7. Hej Stina!Tack för din kommentar i min blogg. Du gör ju så fina arbeten,och hinner med mycket, håller koll på dig…Jag hoppar över att bli medlem i An Angel Story, det blir för stressigt för mig, jag blir ändå inte klar i tid.Hälsn. Ann-Sofi i ÖsterbottenP.S. Jag har syskon som bor i Västerbotten.

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